The Melding of Aeris – Book Club Questions

The Melding of Aeris Book Club Questions

TMOA EBOOK1. In the book, Jye talks about how appearance interferes in relationships. Do you think this is true? If so, in what ways?

2. Mylea struggles with the changing visual identities of the people in her life. If someone else wore your lost lover’s face, how would that affect your feelings for that person? Would you be influenced by the outer appearance?

3. The definitions of beauty and monstrousness are explored in the pages. How are they ultimately defined?

4. Farrax and Alginea give Aeris a gift with a huge cost. To what length would you go for your child? Would you break the law? Would you harm another?

5. Aeris doesn’t find out the source of his skin until it’s too late. Gavlin is already dead. Given the chance to walk away, he chooses to take a stand. Is there a cause or situation in which you’d be willing to risk your life?

6. Hawk kills a child to protect the rebellion. What are your thoughts on this? Can the killing on an innocent be justified? If so, under what circumstances?

7. Does science go too far? Should there be limits? How would a limit be defined? And by whom?

8. The treatment of animals is a side note in the book, but an important one. Are there limits to the way humans use animals? When is it acceptable? What goes too far?

9. Aeris and the rebels attempt to destroy Pathway to end the process of melding. But melding has positive uses too. Are they justified? What would you have done?

10. Around the globe, people spend billions on vanity. Do you think the trend will continue? Is there value to a counter trend?

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