Farm Animal Limericks


Complete silliness. I wrote these on the back of my boarding pass during my flight to Utah.

A pig with a style debonaire
Soft-shoed it like Freddie Astaire
Cha-cha and can-can
Still pork in a pan
Thus ended his dance with a flare

Beware of the lecherous goose
His urges are bawdy and loose
Beneath his white feathers
He has studly black leathers
So his charm is a fowl-minded ruse

A feeble and cowardly chicken
Subjected to mean-hearted pickin’
Worked out day and night
Showed up for a fight
And gave those biddies a lickin’

When the summer grows hot and hazy
The cows in the meadow turn lazy
Supine they repose
with udders exposed
and the horny young oxen go crazy

A wily and smart-witted lamb
Professed to the great taste of ham
The hogs had a fit
And away they all lit
So the farmer stewed mutton and ram

A turkey who drank and gobbled
Indulged ’til his red waddle bobbled
He tried a straight strut
And he trotted well, but
In the end, that old turkey just wobbled

The Happiness Tag



Oh Why Not? I’m awards free, but this isn’t really an award, right? And every once in a  while it feels good to reflect on the things that make us happy.

This tag came my way through Judy at Edwina’s Episodes. Judy is one cheery character, and she always makes me smile. If you aren’t already an avid fan, head over and say hi.

So, here are the rules:

5 Things that make you happy
5 Songs that make you happy
5 Bloggers that make you happy… (Let them know that you have nominated them).

There are bazillions of things that make me happy. In order to make this post entertaining, here are some unusual ones:

IMG_01711. My original social media photo – before I got “professional” and had to give up my life as a fantasy character.

Scan14 - Copy2. Laughter- my daughter the pumpkin about 30 years ago.

13173825_10208334962784618_475549110875547543_n3. The Overlord  – waiting for birthday donuts in downtown Portland, in his pajamas! The kid takes after his grammy.

Frontyard2.dianapeach.jpg4. Moss – Is this moss? I think it’s moss-ish (?) It grows on my fence.

5. Imagination! Need I say more?

Songs that make me happy. To be honest, I don’t listen to music much. I know… Here are a few: 

  1. Happy by Pharell Williams (of course). The Overlord and I dance to this one. 
  2. It’s a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. The bestest
  3. Thank God I’m a Country Boy (or girl, in this case) by John Denver. This one takes me right back to highschool
  4. Ode to Joy by Beethoven (Anything by Beethoven). The Overlord and I have watched this flash mob hundreds of time. 
  5. In My Life by the Beatles (not a good video, but a great song) 

Five bloggers that make me happy? Just five? Lots of bloggers make me happy.  Here are a few that make me laugh:

  1. Hey Look a Fellow Writer – Mike
  2. Danny the Dog – Danny (by way of Chris)
  3. Roughwighting – Pam
  4. Allie Potts Writes – Allie
  5. Al the Author – Al
 dancing-dave-minion-510835_960_720By the way, you 5 are tagged. Carry on if you are inclined. Have a Happy Day!