Trouble Naming your Character? Try a Name Generator.

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Now and then, I get stuck for a name. I need a ship name (The Devil’s Trident), a tavern name (The Flagon and Flask), a villain’s name (Raven Stonerose), the name of a magical forest (Bitter Fleas Forest), or strange beast (Conewitch Snail).

Name generators are useful in getting the ideas flowing, and occasionally I find the right fit without a tweak. The above names were all straight from the Seventh Sanctum name generator, one I refer to when my brain is numb, which happens rather frequently. It’s a gold mine of thought-starters for fantasy writers.

Oh, you don’t write fantasy and haven’t any use for an elf name such as Ibenhar Lonedragon? You don’t need a hero named Tempest Honorhawk or a villain named Solitaire Ironcomet?

Never fear. This name generator also creates your more standard names: Claudine Briana McGuire, Spencer Vaughan, Haley Lambert, Warner Javier Gallagher, and Herminia Leon to rattle off a few.

Be sure to look through the broad variety of categories under the menu item “Generator Types” as there are more options than are listed on the opening page.




Okay, this is pure silliness.

I write fantasy and occasionally my characters get royally upset! Sometimes I don’t want to use Earthly curses, particularly if the story doesn’t take place on Earth. I also prefer to avoid foul language when it isn’t necessary for the story or characters.

I ran across the Foul-o-Matic curse word generator on a random search for name generators. It’s a swear-word generator that makes me laugh because most of the word combinations are just plain ridiculous (failed douchewaffle piper and spanking nugget lover). I revert to my ten-year-old self that used to giggle at farts. That said, I’ve actually used it a bit, primarily by toning down some of the outrageous combinations or combining words to make my own.

Does anyone out there use word generators? I’d love to add them to my list.