Sunwielder – Book Club Questions

EBOOK low resSunwielder Book Club Questions

1. Gryff’s choices affect the trajectory of his life and the lives around him. How does this relate to real life?

2. Are there choices you would NOT have made if you were in the same situation?

3. Gryff rises in power through war, though he is often ambivalent about tactics. How is his approach effective/ineffective?

4. The Edriisan philosophy of living for the moment has some benefits. What are they?

5. What are the challenges in living by the Edriisan philosophy?

6. Why might Brant loathe Gryff? Does there need to be a reason?

7. Some of the characters experience “deja vu” moments. What is the author suggesting in having this occur?

8. One character dies in every repeat of Gryff’s life. Does this raise any questions about fate?

9. Who was your favorite character and why?

10. If you were given the opportunity to wear a sunwield, would you?

2 thoughts on “Sunwielder – Book Club Questions

  1. After reading your book, I don’t know if I am that strong a person to wear a sunwield… There is so much more to it than one would imagine. Loved the read!

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