The bargain.

The last of the muse posts! This learned muse, named Jasper, comes to us from Cath. Enjoy!

Cath Humphris

The thing about my muse is he’s always been a little elusive. I know the kinds of places where he hangs out, he’s a story-muse, lurking between the lines of other people’s writings. But I’ve never been able to predict which pages will reveal him.

Typically, he leapt out from the challenge set by Diana Wallace Peach, for bloggers to share dialogues with their muses, after her deadline. Luckily, Diana is a forgiving, generous soul who gave us an extension.

Give my muse an inch and immediately he takes advantage. So, instead of the conversation Diana had suggested, my muse led me back to that afternoon, around a year ago, when he finally fixed on a form.

Up to that point he’d had two modes of presence. Mostly, he preferred to be almost invisible, hovering just beyond my eyeline. No matter how quickly I turned, or craftily I looked…

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My Persistent Muse

I think a lot of us can relate to muses that wake us up in the middle of the night… like Jan’s muse. Enjoy.

Writing and Music


D. Wallace Peach put out a call on her Myths of the Mirror blog site challenging authors to write about their muse. I wasn’t going to write anything and then this happened. 🙂 True story!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

“Jan. Jan. Wake up.”

Someone taps on my shoulder.

I burrow deeper under the covers.

Louder this time. “Jan. Wake up.”

I groan and roll over with one eye open. “What do you want? I’m sleeping.”

“Yes, I know but wait until you hear this.”

I rub my eyes and yawn, then glance at the clock.

“It’s 4 am. I’m tired. I work hard and I need my rest. Can I just take some notes and get to it when the sun comes up?”

“No! If you do, you’ll lose it. Come on.” He reached out a hand and I took it, regretting that action.

Now on my feet…

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Muse-ical Mishmash

Chelsea can’t help but make me laugh. Her conversation with her muse is a hoot. Enjoy.

Chel Owens

“No, Love, yeh can’ wrie-that!”


“That bid abou’ ‘ow sad yer life is. I mean, people ken only take so much abou’ yeh ea’in’ yer toffee in the closet.”

I sit back, stuck. But, I felt inspired to write because I felt depressed. Wasn’t that-

“No, Love. T’ain’t ‘inspired’ – leastaways, not by me.”

Huh. Well… I had another epiphany, back when

Definitely not.” Harumph. “We’ll not be bringing politics out again.


“No ‘buts’ about it, young lady. No self-respecting writer would name a rant as ‘inspiration,’ either.”

I face another dead end as my cursor blinks in an empty page. What else can I write? Maybe poetry?

“Shtop rright therrre!”

But I only just

“I-yuh know what you thought to do, and I’ll have none of it! Poetrrry must flow frrom an experrienced poet, one bending a keen earh to…

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An A-Musing Offer

The last day of muse posts has arrived. Sheri’s muse has her petticoat ruffled, shotgun loaded, and a book for sale.

Miss LiV Adventures ~A Journey Through Time...and Time Again

photo credit

Did you miss me? I was stuck with my nose to the grindstone with my Miss Liv Adventures story muse sitting on my back. She pushed me through to proofing the first print copy of Book III: Dreams Key. And I’ll admit her thick petticoats spread over me were warm when summer waned…

But when NaNoWriMo arrived, I got talked into being a co-co-ML by more persuasive muses with the advantage of real human voices. “And if I’m co-co-ML, I have to write a new novel in November, right?” I pleaded with my petticoat muse. After much negotiation, she agreed to climb off my back and wait a month as long as she could keep a gun to my head. Fortunately, after awhile she got bored and sat down in the corner. And I got a fun vacation of writing a shiny new story with a shiny…

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Conversation with My Muse

A sweet little snuggly muse named Spectre. I hope you enjoy!

L.K. Latham

This is my reply to a writing challenge hosted by Myths of the Mirror. It was simple: Post a conversation with your muse. It made me have to think long and hard.

“I need to do the dishes,” I say and get up from my desk.

“Okay,” he says, stretching and yawning. Spectre’s black spotted tongue stretches almost to the floor before it wraps once around his pink tipped nose before he curls it back into his mouth as his back arches and his fuzzy butt wiggles in the air before he follows me into the kitchen.

“You’re supposed to tell me to finish this scene,” I tell him, looking down as the sink fills with water.

Brown orbs bulging from his sockets no longer see, but still they focus on my face as he stares up from the corner patch of the tile floor. “That’s up to you,” he…

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Conversation with My Muse

This muse from Priorhouse is so sweet and encouraging… and immensely patient! Enjoy. 🙂


“Hey,” whispered my muse, “Don’t forget about me today. And remember, I flow better in the morning, when you journal regularly.”

Setting down my tea, I looked to the yard. Yes, my muse and I have such good flow out in that yard setting. Sharpies, 100-page notebooks, the sky as our ceiling, and conversating 

Muse: Prior – (quiet whisper) I’m ready to be released – ready to flow… who knows where we will go….

Me: (sighing with an Ahhhh….) “Ten minutes and we’ll uncap the Sharpies…”

Muse: sounds good 

three days later, still nada.

 Sharpie markers capped – journal stayed closed.

Next day-

Stirring Keto creamer into my coffee, my muse whispers to me, beckons like a relaxed old dog asking for a walk – asking in team-minded way because we both need it. 

Muse:  ready when you are.

Me: not sure I can write today. And remember, sometimes a few days of decompression is needed

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My Multitalented Muse

Take a walk with Miriam and her muse. Enjoy!

The Showers of Blessings

Fantasy, Fee, Flower, Meadow, Leaves, Wing, Magic
Images by Willgard at Pixabay

“You have a post to write for Diana’s prompt,” my muse said.

“I remember. I’ll do it when I get home from the walk,” me said.

“You can do both, walking and writing on your phone.”

“I know, it’s not the first time. I haven’t decided what to write, though. I took several days off from writing.”

“You’re supposed to write about your conversation with me. So just write what we’ve said so far and continue.”

“Okay… now I must slow down my walk. Good thing it hardly has any traffic in the neighborhood. I still ought to be careful. One eye on the phone, one eye on the road… alright, I’ve done this much.Then what?”

“Let me paint you a picture.”

“What are you talking about? I’m the in-house artist. Besides, we’re walking. How can you paint?”

“I’ll show you, just wait.”


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Steps before the muse

Another visit from an animal muse, but this one has wings. Enjoy. 🙂

Fiesta Estrellas

Stairs are in my dreams and in my reality.

“Go down and see what’s there.”

Me: “The steps, do you think they are even?”

“are any of us even?”

Me: “good point, I’ll try my luck on them.”

“What if you hop on every other one?”

Me: “what would be the point of that, I could fall?!”

“Isn’t it just fun to hop, sometimes, you know for no reason?”

Me: “Oh, good idea”

“BRB, I have to go attack a hawk with my murder. CAW. CAW.”

Me: “But, wait, you are my muse?


Photo from Unsplash, Tyler Quiring

Diana Wallace Peach, from Myths of the Mirror, made an interesting challenge for bloggers and artists this month to write a dialogue with one or more of their muses. I’m not really a writer, so this was me trying my best. My muses don’t usually strike up a conversation. But…

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Hobbo from Hobbo’s Poems introduces his muse, Dauphy. Very cute and a fun read. Enjoy.


Hobbo: Morning Dauphy.

Dauphy: Morning mate. I’ve been reading this blog by D.Wallace.Peach about something called muses. Are they a bit like mice?

Hobbo: No, a muse is someone or something that inspires artistic people. You are my muse.

Dauphy: You don’t paint pictures.

Hobbo: No, but I am a poet, and that’s artistic.

Dauphy: Mmmm.

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Return of the Muse

I first met Julie’s muse years ago, and I still have a crush on him. Enjoy!

Facets of a Muse

My blog-writing, fantasy novelist buddy Diana Peach from Myths of the Mirror has invited her visitors to write a short story about our muses.


I remember the last time we had a muse read-around. Man, what a blast!

I’ve finally passed 50k for NaNoWriMo–yippee! Of course, the story isn’t done yet. I’ll take a couple weeks to finish, or at least get mostly finished with it before I return to Book 2.

My Muse has been writing my posts during NaNo. Mostly. Thing is, when I hit 50k, he called Mr. E and the two of them took off on a pub crawl Down Under, because apparently bars around here are substandard.

Image by mlproject from Pixabay

A crisp breeze gusts through my writing office, sending shivers through me. The back door clicks shut. A scent of fried food, stale beer, and sweat permeates the air. My Muse toes…

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