A vibrant and healing vision of the Earth from Suzanne. Enjoy!

Being in Nature

pixabay image by Natan Vancer

The eclipse was always a special time for the boy and his community.   Donning special glasses they gazed at the spectacle for a few silent moments as they offered their prayers for the safe keeping of those that had fled the Earth in spaceships decades earlier.   The first ships in the fleet would have reached Mars by now and work would have began on terraforming that inhospitable environment.

Once that ritual prayer was out of the way the community got on with the Sacred Earth Ceremony.   This time of dancing, singing and feasting was one of the few times that they got together.   People came in from the outlying subterranean cities and mountain hideaways and met at the wide plateau overlooking the  jagged spires of the city.

It was where they had gathered to watch the last of the space ships leave.   The…

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Desert Eclipse (Sunday Scribbles: Moment) #sunscribbles #flashfiction

A story of friendship and hope from Louise. Enjoy!

The Dragonspire

Welcome to Sunday Scribbles!

I wrote this story for Diana’s March image prompt. I wrote two attempts at this prompt, but I scrapped the first because it was too dark and serious!

Desert Eclipse:

Desert Eclipse Sunday Scribbles Shorts

Izzy crouched low to the ground, hidden in the shadows of the dilapidated buildings, empty but for the desert critters that scattered under piles of rubble when they caught her scent. She sucked in a breath and tucked her fringe behind her ear as she peered around another corner.


Knuckles tight around the hilt of her sword, she slipped into the next alleyway and jogged to the end. A gust of wind kicked up dusty desert sand, and she paused to cover her face with her rough shawl. The dust cleared seconds later to reveal a slim figure between the tall buildings lining the large street. A silhouette against a distant city, and her…

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The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Oooh, a super creepy one from Adele. Enjoy!


We are here, and we are watching you.

I giggle and to you it sounds as if fingers scrape down your spine, causing you a moment’s fear when your heart pounds. You breathe in and out sending your blood rushing here and there to repair the machine.

“Run. Get away, but you won’t. You don’t listen to your inner voice anymore. Oh, it’s so easy.”

To dance under this moon is pure joy for us. You can see us and not just in your peripheral vision.

Look. Look at me, I’m dancing. Oh, why are you standing there with your back to the wall? It won’t help you.

The scent of your fear intoxicates me, so much that I slide over the sands to confront you.

I can’t stop giggling as I stroke your face, but then you shriek and the moment is spoiled and you smell of rotten old…

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Photo-prompt Flash Fiction: Answering the Call

Audrey channels H.P. Lovecraft in this mesmerizing story. Enjoy!

Audrey Driscoll's Blog

The seas had crept higher each year and hurricanes got stronger. Month by month, the Moon’s leering face grew larger as the highest tides of the millennium invaded the land. Rumors spoke of stirrings in the deep, of some new power that made it perilous to live near the sea.

Then came the earthquake, convulsing the entire eastern seaboard. Cities foundered, towns drowned. The oceans climbed the hills and entered every door. Streets once said to be paved with gold vanished under wave-laid ridges of sand. The deep waters touched the things of humans, left their marks and placed their claims.

People abandoned the coastlines and fled inland. Ruins remained ruins. Towers thrust empty into silent skies. Crabs frolicked in the sandy streets by day and seabirds soared above; rats hunted there at night.

The boy had journeyed far. In the turmoil of the time, watchfulness failed in the asylum…

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A Young Concord

A story from Anneberly that begs for more. Enjoy!

Anneberly Andrews

fantasy-3533325_960_720 pixabay image by Natan Vance

Long ago, the sun brightly hung high above our flourishing city. Rising and setting with the promise of a new day. The heat and energy from its rays built up inside our inner cores, providing us stability, vigor, and lifelong satisfaction.

Until, one day, the sun disappeared below the horizon as thick, ebony poisonous clouds filled our air. Our expectations of the life we knew, had vanished. Now  – – survival was our primary goal.

Our city officials had anticipated this level of war from the Genocides for decades. They couldn’t accept our agreement to live peacefully. The Genocides believed that opposition was the key to survival, and the Concord people were weak-minded for thinking that survival was focused upon peace.  

Thankfully, the Concord City Officials had secretly built an underground bunker, large enough to house our entire city for fifteen years. Otherwise, the…

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Our Entry for Myths of the Fiction Prompt ~Strange Dimensions… #Poetry

A dark poem from Anita. I hope you enjoy the taste of blood!

anita dawes and jaye marie

March Speculative Fiction Prompt

Strange Dimensions

Why am I here?

This strange world that tastes metallic

where the sun is hidden behind a dark orb

leaving this world in blue shadow.

The air howled between the buildings

searching. I try walking away

a stronger feeling holds me in place.

I need to stay, follow the wind

find what it is searching for.

As I turn to enter this blue dimension

the metallic taste becomes stronger.

There is blood in the air.

Inside the new citadel

the air feels like a heavy coat.

Hands claw at me, trying to remove it

it is stuck fast.

My movements slow to a crawl

no sign of life, no sound

but the wind screaming louder

until I thought my ears would bleed

adding to the metallic taste.

Have I stepped into a world of the dead?

where nothing remains

but the taste of their blood…

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EDC Shorts – Freed

I’m so tickled that Eric took part in the challenge. Enjoy!

EDC Writing - Believing Sight Unseen

Ever brief – my response to the photograph set as the  March Speculative Fiction Prompt by D. Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror …

No rain no oceans

no arteries conceived

sand stormed still born

genetic traits deceived

God’s eye son’s sight

fake news she’s seen

Earth angel walking

set free believed

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