The Polar Shift #Nonet, & #Speculative Fiction

A poem and flash story from Colleen, the fairy whisperer. Enjoy 🙂

Colleen Chesebro ~ The Faery Whisperer

Diana Peach, from Myths of the Mirror, is hosting a monthly speculative fiction writing challenge on her blog. She even said we could write poetry!! At the beginning of the month, she gives us an image to base our story or poetry on. That’s it. Super simple and lots of fun!

I even incorporated the words from my Weekly Poetry challenge, using synonyms only. I used “secretive” for mystery, and “beguiling” for attract. There are many ways to incorporate your love of writing poetry into your other writing. Have FUN! (Please do not link your stories or poetry to this post. Go to the links above and follow the instructions). ❤

sea god
and the most beguiling
deity found on earth,
rose from the bright turquoise seas
unaware that climate change had
laid waste the balmy shores he adored
as frigid gales transformed him into stone.

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Mission Gandalf

Something for the Tolkien fans. Enjoy. 🙂


(Photo Credit: Stefan Keller)

19 tired but determined souls weightily trudged along the barren land. A cold wind that cut like a knife blew right into their faces. Faces that were protected by fibre glass helmets that released a steady flow of Oxygen via ultralight cylinders ensconced within even lighter back packs. The howling wind whistled away like troubled wolves predicting a pattern of doom. The perfectly circular orb that was the moon shone in milky white splendor.

Venky’s concentration however was on the magnificently regal and natural formation of mountain made of ice. The indentations and cutting edges remarkably represented the image of a Socratic elder squatting on the ground and intently examining a patch of land with what seemed like an exquisitely sculpted arm. This jaw dropping spectacle reminded Venky of the mythical Gandalf. Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien’s immortal creation who in the blink of an eye could transform…

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Another fascinating and chilling approach to the prompt. Gotta love the imagination. Enjoy!

Thru Violet's Lentz

By Stefan Keller

This is a full length fiction piece written for D. Wallace Peach’s monthly Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt. Damn! Did it feel good to write outside the box!

Commanders Log Day 21

We are a party of only 19 as we approach the summit, the elements having swallowed up five of our number- and necessity, has devoured yet another. To speculate as to whether the last of those deaths was justified, is moot. What is done is done. We have arrived at Dragonlord Mountain.


Prisoners Testimony

We had known for quite some time that our situation was precarious at best. As a tribe we had lost our ability to procreate some years hence, the result of hormone laden aquifers, following the runoff of the Bastion Uprising.

Despite this grievous bane, we continued to live in health and prosperity. As was to be expected, however, our populace continued…

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Ice Giant Gnuri – A Creation Myth

Another completely different take on the prompt. I hope you enjoy this creation myth from Jordy. 😀

Jordy’s Streamings

This is my contribution to Diana from Myths in the Mirror’s wonderful writing prompt.

Artwork by Stefan Keller

Gnuri, the ice giant was born in a galaxy on the other side of the universe. His form was created by the unknowable and contained enough material to birth entire new galaxies.

Filled with subatomic particles that were programmed to morph into structures, Gnuri was dispatched to what we now know as the Milky Way.

One particular paradox was that Gnuri could not see himself. While the particles he contained created external structures on auto pilot, he could not see the wondrous Milky Way, nebula nor planets that formed.

It was with this realization that his new form was born. The form of man. At that time there were only exoplanets, which meant that the form of man preceded the Milky Way’s Sun. However, man would need the Sun to generate…

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Directions from a Druid

I think Chelsea is one of those naturally funny people, who don’t even need to try. I hope you enjoy her story. Happy Saturday.

Chelsea Ann Owens

By Stefan Keller

“Just past The Swamp of Misery,” Alvin huffed. “Just past The Swamp of Misery…”

Though his whisper was barely audible in the frigid air, the man just ahead stopped and looked back. An icicle-crusted cloth obscured most of his face, yet he still managed to scowl. “I swear,” he said, his speech muffled, “If ye dunnae stop, ye’ll shortly be asking yer ANCESTORS about The Swamp of Misery!” He faced forward again and continued walking.

Alvin hadn’t even the breath to sigh. Given that, he doubted the other man’s threat had much clout behind it. They were all worn out, cold, and on edge. They’d been at this quest for the longest fortnight of any man’s life: rising in the dark, stopping after the next night’s dark, and sleeping round a sorry excuse for a campfire. And the weather was always, always cold.

If not for…

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#Shortstory: The Old Man of Snow and The Snow Snake

Another totally different take on the prompt from Marje Mallon. I hope you enjoy her story. 🙂

M J Mallon YA/Paranormal Author


I’ve written a short story in response to Diana’s wonderful prompt on Myths of The Mirror.

Here is the link if you’d like to join in too:

The Old Man of Snow and The Snow Snake

Today, the moon is full and high in the sky and a group of nineteen men travel with brave hearts to the mouth of the Snow Snake Cave.

The wind is biting cold. Each man carries a pack of provisions on his back and thoughts of his loved ones in his heart. They know that this journey might be one to their deaths and yet they trudge on.

At last after many exhausted steps they arrive at the forbidding entrance of the cave. It is no ordinary grotto. This cave is fashioned out of layer upon layer of snow. The mouth of which is an ice sculpture of a snake’s jaw gaping, its eyes furious and…

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A heartbreaking flash story from Carol. Enjoy!


fantasy-2925250_960_7201Image by Stefan Keller

Once he had it all. Love over flowed. His home was filled with joy and laughter. If he listened hard, he heard echos of it.

He made one mistake. And was banished from his world. This world was of ice. A frozen wasteland, burning cold and desolate. He couldn’t remember how long he’d been on this winter planet.

But he remembered who banished him, his wife. The love of his life cast a spell in a moment of a jealous anger.

It was his fault. He strayed from love into the arms of lust. For those moments of stolen pleasure, he lost love forever.

Where is this place? The cold of death clutchess his heart. Yet, he cannot die. It is a living death. Each breath he takes he lives her pain and her sadness.

His heart calls out to hers. She cannot hear him for…

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