Another Three Letter Acronym #TBR

Geoff has a great sense of humor, and I’m delighted to share his poem. For a peek into his TBR, read on…


Diana at Myths of the Mirror has asked about our reaction to our TBR list. This is what came to mind…

The sex life of plums

My many chums

Hemlines I have known

Holidaying alone

The treatment of pests

Men in vests

Anne Frank’s diaries

Telephone enquiries

The comprehensive A to Z

John and Yoko’s unmade bed

Computing for dummies

Slummy mummies

Egypt on a dime

An audio book of mime


… it must be said

That my ‘to be read’

Will never ever end

And drive me round the bend.

So I’ll name and shame

And point the finger of blame

At that modern day swindle

The never full kindle….

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TBR Piles Plot Your Demise 📚 🔪 😱

I’ve always enjoyed Sarah’s wry and quirky sense of humor. I hope you enjoy her self-proclaimed “silliness.”

Lemon Shark Reef

Most of us have an unmanageable TBR pile. Some of us aren’t reading quickly enough to put a dent in it. A lot of us are adding to it. It’s pretty simple mathematics or statistics or physics (I don’t know how those work). And the truth is…it’s going to eventually kill you.


If you have a pile of unread books and you’re not reading them, they will sit on your shelf. If you’re buying more books, those will squish in alongside the books you already have on the shelf. If you continue to get new books, they will sit on top of the books you have, then in front of the books you have, possibly spilling over onto a nearby table (or four) and onto the floor. When you are hopping over hardcovers and ducking under paperbacks, you know you’ve lost control. Your love of books has blinded you…

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To Be Read – Short Story

Deepikabanu can’t get her homework done because her ereader-Angel is laying on the pressure. I hope you enjoy her story.


Baby wake up !!!!, You still have piles of work ….” Said my Angel  and I blinked my eyes after going into a deep dive of my thought  ocean .

Then I replied to my ANGEL,” Please wait , I still have stacks of homework  ” by affected tears

She then said to me ,” ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING called you earlier and she told that she missed you so much . She also felt sad that you didn’t reply reading her SONNETS FROM PORTUGUESE . She also felt bad that you didn’t visit her again later ”.

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The #TBR Pile #Writing Challenge

Somehow Balroop turns a TBR Pile into a beautiful poem. I hope you enjoy her take on the challenge.

She grabs each book with panache
But lets it languish in some corner
Promises would be kept, she knows
When’d that day dawn, she doesn’t decipher.

Decorated with turmeric
Scented by cinnamon
Smeared with her favorite sauce
Some sit at her kitchen ledge, waiting to be read…

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A Meet & Greet Interview at Sue Rovens’ Blog

Sue Rovens is a talented writer of thrillers. She generously shares her blog, featuring other writers in Author Meet & Greet interviews. I was lucky enough to land the first spot in 2022.

We’re chatting about genres, writing, reading, marketing, and censorship. If you have a moment, we’d love you to stop by and say hi. And take note that Sue is looking for authors to feature. If you’re interested, leave her a note in the comments.

Click Here to connect to the Interview Post. I hope you enjoy it.

To Be, Or Not To Be, Either Way That’s A Lot Of Books – A Poem By Carol J Forrester

The poets are turning out for this challenge! A lovely poem from Carol Forrester. Enjoy.

Writing and Works

There’s a cunning to books I don’t own.
Tricks the eye into slipping
from shelves stacked ‘soon’
where old resolutions stagger
parchment pale and haggard
around uncracked spines.
I play a teasing game,
ply their pages with well-meaning,
find an aged acquaintance,
face new with forgetting.
Thumb their successors guiltily
like a child caught, ear at the door,
and smuggle home each new treasure,
slip it into the seams unseen
and whisper ‘no more, no more’
with every book I’ve ever bought.

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A Writing Challenge – The TBR Pile

Miriam shares her Ipad reading woes and the 140 books waiting in her TBR pile. Thanks for taking the story challenge, Miriam.

The Showers of Blessings

Diana Wallace Peach starts 2022 with a writing challenge: write a story or poem about the TBR pile.

My TBR pile is ever-present, ever-growing, so it’s not hard to uncover it!

How to Process that Pile of Books You Can't Seem to Finish [+ 5 Other  Reading Hacks] - Right Attitudes

I reshuffled and re-prioritized the books on my Kindle. The last book I wanted to read is now in the middle of the library.

How did it happen so fast?

I wanted to count how many books are on my TBR list. No need. On the left side of the Kindle, it tells me the total number of books I have, just minus the number of books I’ve read and reviewed on Amazon. So, I have about 140.

Well, how come some of them have no covers and say expired?

There were a few times Amazon offered a free trial for Kindle Unlimited. I took the offer and downloaded some KU books. I was over-ambitious and downloaded too many…

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The TBR Pile

Colleen’s story reads like a public service announcement. She’s a wonderful supporter of writers and authors and here’s how to do it…

Colleen M. Chesebro

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

“How many books do you have loaded on your Kindle?” asked Laurie.

“Last time I checked, I had 654 books on my Kindle,” I answered. My accountant’s brain mentally tabulated how many books I owned and approximately how much they had all cost. I gulped. That’s a lot of money I’d spent over the years. I hadn’t thought of it in that way. No wonder my husband’s eyes glazed over when he reviewed the credit card with all of my Amazon purchases.

Laurie nodded in agreement. “I have about the same amount of books on my Kindle. I don’t even want to know how much money I’ve spent over the years on books.”

“I know. But I love reading. Besides, it’s how we support all of our author friends. We buy their books, read their novels, and write book reviews.”

“I know how it works…

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TBR / To Be Read…

MK shares a poetic conversation with her TBR pile. Thanks, MK, for playing along. 🙂


Look what I found! “

It’s so many! “I exclaimed.

“How will I do it? ” I wondered.

What was that time, when I thought I can read” I pondered.

Dusty it might look,

Curiosity, so I booked.

Tempting to the nerves of knowledge,

Exciting my pleasure of awareness!

Rossy Red, to Gloomy Green;

Alice’s Wonderland to Mr Bean.

Aristotle said:

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Plato declared:

If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life.”

I decided:

TBR I must have!

I paid with pride, bought I was proud!

Shelf cleaned.

one after one, height by order I yielded.

Such pretty, my TBR

Apple of my eyes, my TBR

Oh! When will I read, my TBR

Answer unanswered;

What do you think? , my TBR! “

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Some doggerel about to-be-read lists

The Writing Challenge posts have begun with the first entry by Noelle, a fun poem called a doggerel. Thanks, Noelle, for kicking us off. I hope readers will enjoy her crashing TBR pile.


In response to the challenge by D. Wallace Peach to write a poem or story about your e-book TBR list, or in my case pile, (see: Here is my contribution, over which I labored for at least five minutes.

My TBR pile, it seems,

Is taking over my dreams.

Last night I dreamed of a hat.

You know the one that sat

Looking sage on a table at Hogwart’s

And divided the kids into all sorts

Of magical schools.

This one, all floppy and chatty,

Sat atop my pile, looking tatty.

It dithered and vexed

About the book to choose next.

It was no help at all

As pile did fall

Smothering me.

Needless to say, I woke up screaming! Thanks, Diana, for this vision!

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