The Shadow Symphony – #writingprompt

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A fascinating alien perspective from Kelvin of Kelvin M. Knight. I hope you enjoy the story.

The Shadow Symphony

by Kelvin Knight

She came from the emptiness of space. Darkness and silence were her eternity. She visited here out of curiosity; never had she perceived anything as unique as this planet in all the galaxies she’d drifted through.

They came from their sparkling cities. Light and noise were their bodies, generosity and hostility their lifeblood. Without one word of welcome or warning, they lashed out with their tendrils of light.

She writhed. She glistened. She consumed that light then spat globules of greyness back at them. They whirled, they dimmed, then more of them swarmed from their scintillating cities. Uncountable beings whose white faces brightened while their black eyes bulged until it seemed their heads might explode. When the deepness of their eyes touched the surface of her, she felt something explode inside them. The light they emitted as they faded was like nothing she’d ever experienced.


This concept was new to her…

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His Path – #writingprompt

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A sweet story and unique take on the prompt from Pam of Roughwighting. Enjoy!

His Path

by Pamela Wight

The rain falls so hard the trees appear to be weeping. I stand on the steep sidewalk waiting for the school bus, hair frizzing into tight curls but mouth curled up in a sweet grandmotherly smile.

My grandson turns seven today, and I’m determined to help him celebrate.

Of my six grandchildren, Steven is the most enigmatic; at times, full of energy and light, other times quiet and introspective. He seems to know something that no one else does.

Finally, the school bus brakes in front of me like a yellow submarine. Steven climbs down the five steps hesitantly, but when his eyes find mine, his smile radiates a bright glow.

“Grammy!” he shouts, backpack slapping behind him as he races toward my arms. We hug and then approach my new car.

“A mini-cooper,” Steven observes with a subdued tone in his voice.

“Isn’t it cute?” I crow as I crawl into the driver’s seat of the mint green toy.

As Steven snaps on his seat belt he says, “Uh huh. Mini-coopers are for old people.”

Damn the boy. “Can’t be,” I snap back. “Since I’m not old.”…

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Walking along. – #writingprompt

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A dark glimpse into the fall of man from Ederren of Nascent Ederren. I hope you enjoy the story!

Walking Along.

by Ederren

There is only dust in the air now. The buildings blackened by flame, the rubble no longer shifts. The lonely streets echo with steps and winds which blow through hollow shells of homes, where once the deafening roar of the civilized sort had made itself all too well known.

Where once great deities of man and darlings of history stood proud as immortal statues, now lay many silent and broken, devoid of love and memory. Another step reveals that there is little new to see. The shattered remains of a city…

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Night Runner – #writingprompt

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A story with a great voice and a fun twist from Lynn Kim of Trapped Symphony. Enjoy!

Night Runner

by Lynn Kim

You didn’t need a Buzz Feed questionnaire to know that Stella was bad company.

Let me ask you a very simple question, who walks around at two am in a ghost town that looks like a remake of a scene from Night of the living dead?

No need to guess, I’ll tell you, cheating spouses, that’s who.

Which I certainly wouldn’t be if l had never met Stella in the first place cause let’s be honest if it weren’t for her, one:

I would never have known how to roll up a joint, which got me high enough to have the courage to walk out while my husband was watching a football match between nobody knows and nobody cares.

And two:

I would never have met Jared if Stella hadn’t introduced me to him in the first place and encouraged me to go out with him knowing full well that I was married.

Her theory was, what Patrick (my husband) didn’t know wouldn’t kill him. Well it’ll certainly be the death of me. Walking out that late at night in the city couldn’t have been safe. I knew watching all those horror movies would come to bite me in the ass one day…

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The Porthole – #writingprompt

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Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News brings us some unexpected twists and turns. Get ready for his story.

The Porthole

by Hugh Roberts

Everybody has a chance, but it does depend on where you are at the time it appears. I only say that because I am sure I have seen some of the faces here, before. Like, for example, your face.

Now, as we watch the young child take her chance to join us, I will do all I can to make sure she makes it in time, but I need your help too.

What I have created now looms in front of her. If this had been happening a few years ago, I would have had full control over how long the porthole on our spaceship would remain open. Now, however, my power over my creation seems to be weakening.

Even though I know life has been cruel to this child, you’re not so sure, are you?

From what I have witnessed, this child will be a credit to both of us. And, as our world is dying, we need all the souls we can get to build our army.

“Run, child, run,” I shout, as she nears the opening. But you remain silent. Why?…

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NEPHTHY’S CHILDREN – #writingprompt

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A science fiction story from Venky of the Blogenator. This one begs for more. Enjoy!


by Venky

Attempting to search for George Orwell or Aldous Huxley on the Cabinet supplied sleek electronic self-powered and booster enabled “V-Book-Ups” was rewarded by three weeks of isolated detention behind one of the hermetically sealed Ministry of Justice dungeons. Repeated offenses triggered even graver consequences ranging from forced labour in Gulag styled labour camps to execution by Minimal Invasive Liberation Outlet (MILO) methods.

‘Unlawful’ assemblies of more than 5 were located and dispersed with – initially warnings – and, for the more obstinate, by mild shocks, courtesy, Jarrings Of Limited Traumas (JOLTs) administered by humanoid UBTech Walkers. These robots patrolled the streets 24 hours a day in 6 shifts. Each one of these forbidding machines used 36 actuators and featured proprietary Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) abilities for planning out paths and avoiding obstacles. The policing of the streets however, did not pose much of a headache for the Universal Law Enforcement Department since the only sporadic disturbances were in the nature of mutinies for additional packets of Frozen And Tested Edibles (FATE). Moreover, social unrest after all had to be preceded by the existence of a society. In a world populated by a mere four countries, society was but a bedraggled assimilation of income and wealth inequalities.

Category 10 cyclones (yes, you read it right), sea level rises exceeding 150 cm, acidic oceans, unfathomable increases in global marine heatwaves and a near complete erosion of the tropical forest had all contrived to wipe the greater good of humanity off the face of the only Planet which hitherto was habitable. Two categories of people survived this macabre dance of wanton destruction. The categories themselves were privileged choice and pure chance…

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The Dark Side of the Moon – #writingprompt

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A chilling, doomsday story from Karen of Pen and Paper. Get ready for some shivers. Enjoy!

The Dark Side of the Moon

by Karen Dowdall

They are gone. All of them. I am alone on this planet. A planet now little more than a dustbin of old dreams of what could have been. They didn’t heed the warnings of what was to come without change.

Perhaps, it would have happened anyway. The change in the atmosphere was a warning, dismissed as fake news, until it wasn’t. The storms grew more violent, the sea raged over embankments, sea levels rose exponentially, displacing millions of families and communities around the planet. Fierce and deadly land wars began, food shortages were everywhere. All signs that something terrible was about to happen.

It started slowly at first. The air began to lose oxygen gas, nitrogen gas, and argon gas. It was replaced with greenhouse gases released from fossil fuels: nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and methane. The Atmosphere, Biosphere, and the Geosphere showed overwhelming signs that complete degeneration would soon happen.

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