The Invasion, a poem

Robbie Cheadle’s TBR Pile is on the warpath. I hope you enjoy her hilarious poem.


Diana from Myths of the Mirror blog has a writing challenge underway. You can find it here:

The Invasion by Robbie Cheadle

A loud aggressive ring

brought me fast to the door

I opened it innocently

not knowing the score


A long line of books

stood like soldiers of yore

each flashing it’s title

like a banner of war


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Ode to my Cookbooks

Bernadette has taken up the TBR Writing Challenge. Even cookbooks can stack up into piles, as she’s happy to share. Check out her recipe for a little bit of fun!


Ode To My Cookbooks

From the loneliness of your bookshelvesI hear your plea, please read me.

Julia, your chicken is superb,

But, alas, I only have time for a blurb.

Ina, you are my hero,

But my time to read is zero...

Marcella, your pasta has no peer,

But, no time to read I fear...

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My BFK (Big Fat Kindle)

I’m off to take care of my parents for the afternoon, so I leave you with a humorous poem by Debby Gies. How I love her new acronym… BFK. Ha ha. Enjoy


Author, Diana Peach has a fun writing challenge going on – Write a story about your TBR pile. Great topic as so many of us writers and readers make jokes about how fat our Kindles are. I’ve written a poem about my BFK – My big fat Kindle.

Click to continue on to Debby’s poem: My BFK (Big Fat Kindle)

Magic Pages

D. L. Finn took up the challenge with a beautiful combination of a prose paragraph and syllabic poem called a senyru. Enjoy.

Canva image


The magical gift sits next to my bed. Dressed in black leather, it holds the ideas of generations. I gently open….

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Crafting Rich Characters

Greetings Storytellers!

I’m taking a break today from reblogging responses to my TBR writing challenge. They’ll resume tomorrow and run for at least another week. Our talented community has provided me with a bunch of fun poems and stories.

What do I have for you today? Another reblog! Lol

Some of you might know that I recently joined Story Empire, a resource for “all things related to writing, publishing, and promoting fiction.”

I couldn’t be more excited to see my first post go up this morning: Crafting Rich Characters (Part 1).

If you have the time to stop by, I’ll be there!

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Writing Challenge – The E-Book TBR Pile

A very clever and tongue-in-cheek Ode to the TBR Pile from Chris. And note at the bottom of her post that her ebook is free through Monday. Enjoy!

luna's on line

Wonderful writer, reader and reviewer, Diana of Myths of the Mirror blog has thrown down her velvet gauntlet for a fun writing challenge. Here’s what she says: “I don’t know anyone who owns a Kindle (or other ebook reader) and isn’t buried in books. We groan as we add more to the stack… then laugh about it and buy more! That’s my situation anyway.”

That’s my situation too!

Here are the details of Diana’s challenge – The Teetering TBR Pile – the challenge is open until 23 January if you’d like to join in too.

This is my response:

Ode to My Kindle

Kindle, my Kindle, how do you compare
to those wretched stacks of curling pages
whose covers dim in daylight’s brightness
spines rendered unreadable by old age?

Shelves piled high with neither rhyme nor reason
unruly stacks wobbling and tottering
set to tumble in thunderous cascades
engulfing unwary…

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Another Three Letter Acronym #TBR

Geoff has a great sense of humor, and I’m delighted to share his poem. For a peek into his TBR, read on…


Diana at Myths of the Mirror has asked about our reaction to our TBR list. This is what came to mind…

The sex life of plums

My many chums

Hemlines I have known

Holidaying alone

The treatment of pests

Men in vests

Anne Frank’s diaries

Telephone enquiries

The comprehensive A to Z

John and Yoko’s unmade bed

Computing for dummies

Slummy mummies

Egypt on a dime

An audio book of mime


… it must be said

That my ‘to be read’

Will never ever end

And drive me round the bend.

So I’ll name and shame

And point the finger of blame

At that modern day swindle

The never full kindle….

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TBR Piles Plot Your Demise 📚 🔪 😱

I’ve always enjoyed Sarah’s wry and quirky sense of humor. I hope you enjoy her self-proclaimed “silliness.”

Lemon Shark Reef

Most of us have an unmanageable TBR pile. Some of us aren’t reading quickly enough to put a dent in it. A lot of us are adding to it. It’s pretty simple mathematics or statistics or physics (I don’t know how those work). And the truth is…it’s going to eventually kill you.


If you have a pile of unread books and you’re not reading them, they will sit on your shelf. If you’re buying more books, those will squish in alongside the books you already have on the shelf. If you continue to get new books, they will sit on top of the books you have, then in front of the books you have, possibly spilling over onto a nearby table (or four) and onto the floor. When you are hopping over hardcovers and ducking under paperbacks, you know you’ve lost control. Your love of books has blinded you…

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To Be Read – Short Story

Deepikabanu can’t get her homework done because her ereader-Angel is laying on the pressure. I hope you enjoy her story.


Baby wake up !!!!, You still have piles of work ….” Said my Angel  and I blinked my eyes after going into a deep dive of my thought  ocean .

Then I replied to my ANGEL,” Please wait , I still have stacks of homework  ” by affected tears

She then said to me ,” ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING called you earlier and she told that she missed you so much . She also felt sad that you didn’t reply reading her SONNETS FROM PORTUGUESE . She also felt bad that you didn’t visit her again later ”.

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The #TBR Pile #Writing Challenge

Somehow Balroop turns a TBR Pile into a beautiful poem. I hope you enjoy her take on the challenge.

She grabs each book with panache
But lets it languish in some corner
Promises would be kept, she knows
When’d that day dawn, she doesn’t decipher.

Decorated with turmeric
Scented by cinnamon
Smeared with her favorite sauce
Some sit at her kitchen ledge, waiting to be read…

(To read the rest of Balroop’s poem, click Here.)