Author D Wallace PeachI didn’t care for reading as a child – I preferred Bonanza and Beverly Hillbillies reruns, Saturday morning cartoons and the Ed Sullivan show. Then one day, I opened a book titled The Hobbit.

Tolkien … literally changed my life.

I love to write. It’s a luxury I never expected I’d have time for – life got in the way. You know how that goes – kids, work, chores… sleep. I worked for 18 years in business where amassing coin was the all-consuming objective. It required huge amounts of time and mental energy. And for me personally, it was soul-slaying.

Then on September 11, 2001 two planes flew into the World Trade Center. I was working in Connecticut, about 2 hours from ground zero, and remember sitting in a conference room, watching the second tower fall. That tragedy initiated a process of redefinition for me, an evaluation of what was vital and important. Life felt short and precarious, and I started to wonder if it was time to do something that actually mattered.

In a moment of loving kindness, my husband suggested that I quit my job and go back to school (he still wonders what he could possibly have been thinking). I graduated with a Masters in Counseling and a mountain of debt. Oh well. I worked in Burlington, Vermont for peanuts – but, oh, they were chocolate covered! The human experience was sweet and rich. I had the pleasure of working with people who cared deeply about the challenges facing children and families, and I came to understand how the power of relationship, in all its myriad forms, can change the world. In Myths of the Mirror it is called the Belonging.

Then life got in the way again, and Randy and I made a move to the lush, wet, green wilderness of the Oregon rainforest. We live on a mountain a half-hour beyond the edge of civilization in a wonderful community where, once again, I encountered the Belonging. In another regrettable moment of loving kindness, Randy suggested that I write a book rather than work, and Myths of the Mirror poured onto the keyboard. Fast forward some years and more than a dozen books line my Amazon shelf. They have each been labors of love and I hope you enjoy them.

248 thoughts on “About

  1. Your story is very inspiring.
    Wishing you all the success in your quest for joy, for you and for us.

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  2. delphini510 says:

    Your about page is like a wonderful short story in itself. It just has to be savoured. Two things immediately stand out to me, the finding of “Belonging” – twice, last time in Oregon.
    Your loving husband Randy who supported the positive changes in your life. Just wonderful.

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  3. mistermuse says:

    I just re-read your “About” because in the rush of time, I sometimes give in to ‘speed reading’ at the expense of giving the writer’s thoughts their proper due….and I wanted to see if that was the (first) case here. I’m happy to report that my original reading came back to me with a more-than-passing grade, and that you age well! But I must admit to not fully appreciating this gem the first time around: “I worked in Burlington, Vermont for peanuts — but, oh, they were chocolate covered.” 🙂

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    • Thanks for the revisit 🙂 Sometimes I think I should update it. Before long, no one will even get my references! But those were the events that shaped where I am now, so there they stay. Now I want to go read what you’re About!

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