Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology

Within a day of publication, Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology shot up to Amazon’s #1 spot in Poetry Anthologies and remained there for five days.

The anthology was a massive undertaking by Gabriela Marie Milton of Literary Revelations. It includes the work of over 150 poets from around the world, a compilation of more than 280 poems. Within its pages, I see many names I recognize: Basilike Pappa, Jeff Flesch, Alethea Kehas, Cindy Georgakas, Eric Daniel Clarke, Jaya Avendel, and Jude Itakali, to name a few.

I’m honored to have two poems included in this collection: Upon the Death of my Mother, and Stratton Pond.

Gabriela, a poet of immense talent, included one poem of her own in the anthology that I’d like to share here:

Blurb: Hidden in Childhood

From authors featured on NPR, BBC, and the New York Times, and from emerging poets, comes a monumental anthology in which every poem sends shivers down your spine. Childhood’s joy and trauma expressed – with stunning talent and sincerity – by over 150 poets in more than 280 poems. Childhood spaces magnified by the human memory, populated by good and bad, by trips to hell and heaven, in an almost Hieronymus Bosch type of atmosphere. Over 150 voices call you to read this book. Read it. You will learn that childhood never goes away. You will be reminded of the beauty of the seraphim and the need to protect children from any form of abuse. 150 voices knock on your door. Open the door. A chorus of childhoods will tell you that our children need love.

Literary Revelations is proud to bring you this anthology and deeply grateful to all contributors for pouring out their hearts into the pages of this book.


I’m delighted to help spread the word. Thanks for stopping by!

194 thoughts on “Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology

  1. prolificwritersacademy says:

    Lovely post! 😌😌I write poems and stories, if you could check my blog and leave your thoughts, that will mean a lot! Thanks 😂🙏🏾

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  2. FromTheStars says:

    love this. you are very welcome.thank you.:)

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  3. Prior... says:

    sounds like a great anthology and your two contributions have interesting titles

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    • Thanks, Yvette, for the visit. It was such an honor to have my poems accepted. One is rather sorrowful and the other is fun one about camping in Vermont as a kid. I’ve only started reading, and already enjoy the variety of styles and poem. Have an awesome weekend and Happy Reading!

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      • Prior... says:

        Those two poems sound very interesting – and cheers to you writing more poetry – am I correct that this was not normally your genre? well how exciting the way you added into your last book too

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        • I still struggle to say I’m a poet, since my main thing is writing fantasy, but as the poems add up… Yes, I’ve included poetry in a few of my books now! All fun.

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          • Prior... says:

            I did not realize you have been adding them to a few books!
            And the term poet sometimes bothers me – I am not sure why
            Maybe it is such a broad term (like Christian is so broad and can mean different things to different people)
            And I sometimes think poetry can get dismissed as a “less than” writing genre
            Or some think “difficult” makes it better
            So defining it is one thing and then writing poetry is another
            – and I guess what I really like is when it is original and leta us feel the author and I prefer it to not too be difficult to decipher meaning
            And then I sometimes like when poems are explained -/ and – as you do – they can be added to a book to break up longer text and just give the reader a dash of new flavor
            Hope your Saturday is going well
            Very chilly here

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  4. Resa says:

    This sounds like a deluxe book of poetry.
    What an honourable undertaking. I know many of the names you have mentioned.
    Congratulations to all!
    A wonderful review, Diana. Thank you!

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    • Thanks for taking a look at the anthology. I’m tickled and so honored to be a part of it. And some fabulous friends from our community are in there. It’s humbling but exciting. Have a lovely afternoon and evening. Happy Creativity!


  5. That’s incredible Diana, you write best sellers and poetry! What an honor to be selected from all those poets and included in an anthology! Congratulations. If the poem you shared is any indication of what’s inside no wonder this went to number one! So happy for you all, hugs, C

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    • Thanks for dropping by, Cheryl. That was kind of you. I’ve never considered myself a poet, so these publications are always a huge treat and I’m honored. Gabriela’s one of those multi-talented people who seems to be successful at whatever she does. (Sigh). Lol. Thanks for the lovely comment. Have a great day, my friend.

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  6. Silent Hour says:

    The poem you shared is so beautiful! Just like Gabriella.

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  7. That’s a beautiful poem by Gabriela Marie Milton, D. I’ve been hearing a lot about the book from Cindy. Congratulations. –Curt

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  8. Wow, that’s a huge undertaking! Gabriela’s poem is whimsical and lovely. Congrats on being a part of something magical, Diana!

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    • Thanks, Jacquie. Gabriela’s a wonderful poet, and she sure does know how to market a book. I think all her work hits #1. I’m so grateful to have two poems included. 😀 Have a lovely week, my friend. I hope you’re doing well. Hugs.

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  9. I agree, Gabriela Marie Milton’s poem is gorgeous and otherworldly…thank you, Diana, for sharing her beautiful words and congratulations!

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  10. Ocean Bream says:

    Oh my goodness, what a hauntingly gorgeous poem. It gave me the shivers. Many congratulations on the inclusion of your poems in the collection! And happy publication!

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