The Necromancer’s Daughter – by: D. Wallace Peach

Today, I’m sharing a post created by Resa, our glamorous friend from fashion and film. Resa creates spectacular one-of-a-kind gowns, all stitched by hand from reclaimed materials (table runners, drapes, and found fabrics). They’re truly stunning, with a powerful message about sustainability and what’s possible with vision and effort. But her artistic talents don’t stop there.

After reading The Necromancer’s Daughter, she put her creativity to work again, drawing gowns for my character Aster. Combined with her photos of dragon murals and a whimsical interview, she’s pulled together a wonderfully entertaining post. I hope you join us for some beauty, laughter, and fun. And check out her gowns!

Art Gowns

Monarchy, religion, culture and love collide in ancient China’s warring society. All come to rest upon the shoulders of Aster, a gentle soul content in her life. At the start of this tale, her dead infant body is stolen from her mother, the  Queen of Verdane. Aster is brought back to life by Barus. Barus becomes her father, the only one she knows & loves.

Resa – Why &/or how did you come up withe the name Aster?

Peach – That’s an easy one.  She’s so pale that she reminded Barus of the white asters that grew in the meadows around his home. I imagined that when in bloom the flowers almost looked like snow.

Resa – I just have to ask, ” When did you discover the idea of “necromancy” … that it could bring people back to life?

Peach – Great question! Necromancy is (or was) a real…

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