The Necromancer’s Daughter Book Tour: Day 17

Welcome to Day 17 of The Necromancer’s Daughter’s Book Tour!

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Day 17, here we go!

Ritu Bhathal’s Blog: But I Smile Anyway

I’ve been following Ritu for a long time. Her blog is a place where she shares her writing journey, reflections on process and writing tips (these alone would be worth a visit), promotions, and glimpses into the non-writing parts of her life.

I’ve read both of Ritu’s books, starting with her poetry collection a number of years ago. Her more recent efforts have been in cultural heritage fiction with her very popular Rishtay series, a romantic jaunt set in India. Book 2 will be out next summer, and you can bet I’ll be reading it.

Here’s my review of Book One:

Marriage Unarranged by Ritu Bhathal

My Review: This is a light, romantic jaunt from England to India and back again. When Aashi finds a used condom in her fiancé’s bathroom, the wedding is suddenly off. Her family is angry and embarrassed, but they support her decision. A trip to India, originally to purchase a wedding gown, becomes a vacation for Aashi and a chance to unwind and heal. Her two brothers and her best friend Karin go along.

The romantic story is fairly straightforward, and it unfolds at a leisurely pace. What held my attention the most was the story’s immersion in India’s rich culture and setting, specifically the bustling city of Delhi. The main characters are England born and raised, so the influences of their dual cultures were interesting to see played out, and the details of life in India were fascinating. Bhathal clearly incorporated a wealth of personal experience into the narrative.

The characters are all likable, except for the cheating fiancé, though I felt a twinge of sympathy for him by the end. All in all, this story is about family, culture, self-esteem and independence, love and friendship. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy romance, women’s lit, and a fun jaunt to India.


If you have a chance, head on over to join The Necromancer’s Daughter tour at Ritu’s blog: But I Smile Anyway.

I found this one on Ritu’s blog

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