The Necromancer’s Daughter Book Tour: Day 16

Welcome to Day 16 of The Necromancer’s Daughter’s Book Tour!

I hope you enjoy:

~ A lovely community of bloggers and a review of a favorite book from my host’s list.

~ Something from or about The Necromancer’s Daughter (follow the link below).

~ Leave a comment on my hosts’ sites, and your name will be entered in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift certificate. The more tour sites, the more entries!

Day 16, here we go!

Sandra Cox’s Blog: Sandra’s Place

Sandra’s blog is an eclectic mix of book reviews, new releases, author interviews, and her thoughts on writing. She includes a healthy assortment of posts sharing humorous memes, random facts, and glimpses into her daily life including lovely photos.

Above all, Sandra is a prolific writer! I’ve read a lot of her books and have only scratched the surface. The genres are diverse, including fantasy, a non-fiction book about gardening, and a series of novellas about cats, but she’s best known for her romances, specifically her western romance/action mashups, some with a paranormal element. I’m reading them as fast as she writes them.

Now for a review of Sandra’s new release, this one with a time-travel twist:

Geller’s Find by Sandra Cox

My Review: Luke Geller is a college professor planning to enjoy the last few weeks of his summer digging for potsherds in Nevada. In Cox’s western-romance-paranormal mash-ups, I just knew Luke was in for an unexpected ride through time. He finds himself in 1882, oddly dressed and, for all intents and purposes, homeless. He also finds himself in the company of Lily, the young owner of a ranch who’s struggling to hold onto her place. Stryker, a man of questionable character, wants to buy her out, and Luke is curious as to why. And then there’s the shooter who’s taking aim at Lily and her household.

I’ve come to expect great characters from Cox—independent women, handsome and endearing men, and strong-willed antagonists. Luke, Lily, and Stryker fit the bill, but there are some great secondary characters in this book as well, particularly the flirtatious Saffron, shy and vision-impaired Taffy, and Luke’s mom, a character that had me laughing out loud toward the end.

The plot holds together well with some red herrings tossed in, and I liked the two-way time travel in this book, which added a fun twist. The romance isn’t steamy or gushy, which I really appreciated. And the pace is lickety-split. I polished off the book in half a day. Highly recommended to fans of western romance with a bit of time travel and a lot of great characters.


If you have a chance, head on over to join The Necromancer’s Daughter tour at Sandra’s blog: Sandra’s Place.

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