The Necromancer’s Daughter Book Tour – Day 13

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Welcome to Day 13 of The Necromancer’s Daughter’s Book Tour!

I hope you enjoy:

~ A lovely community of bloggers.

~ My favorite book from my host’s list, along with my review.

~ Something to make you smile. 

~ Something from or about The Necromancer’s Daughter (follow the link below).

~ Leave a comment on my hosts’ sites, and your name will be entered in an end-of-tour drawing for a $50 Amazon gift certificate. The more tour sites, the more entries!

Day 13, here we go!

Sheron McCartha’s Blog: ScifiBook Review

Sheron and I have known each other for a long time, going back to the start of my writing career when we were part of the same writer’s critique group. Her blog shares tidbits about what’s happening in her life, but more than that, it’s a place to catch her sci-fi book reviews and to learn some real-life science that informs this genre. Sheron is a space science junkie.

Sheron writes science fiction series. Her stories take place in space, and her Alysian Universe series now spans two series and twelve books. I’ve read most of them. Here’s a review of my favorite of the series.

Past the Event Horizon (Book 4) by Sheron McCartha

My Review: When a mysterious signal from deep space starts transmitting to an alien space probe that crash landed on Alysia, Captain Braden Steele and his crew set out on a mission to discover its origins. Twelve very different people are stuck with each other in a spaceship from which they can’t escape. Trouble erupts both inside and outside the ship until the crew and ship are drawn through a star gate where they discover a strange new alien world. And then, the problems really begin.

This is one of my favorites of McCartha’s Alysian series. It’s light sci-fi reading that focuses on action without getting overly technical or too deeply into character psyche, which keeps the pace moving. She’s done her homework, so the details about life in space are interesting. The main character is engaging and the final action scene is worth the wait. Though it’s helpful to have read the books leading up to this one, it isn’t necessary. This book stands alone well.


If you have a chance, head on over to join The Necromancer’s Daughter tour at Sheron’s blog: ScifiBook Review.

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