The Necromancer’s Daughter Book Tour: Day 10

Welcome to Day 10 of The Necromancer’s Daughter’s Book Tour!

I hope you enjoy:

~ A lovely community of bloggers.

~ My favorite book from my host’s list, along with my review.

~ Something to make you smile. 

~ Something from or about The Necromancer’s Daughter (follow the link below).

~ Leave a comment on my hosts’ sites, and your name will be entered in an end-of-tour drawing for a $50 Amazon gift certificate. The more tour sites, the more entries!

Day 10, here we go!

Balroop Singh’s Blog: Emotional Shadows

If you head over to Balroop’s blog, you’ll find beautiful poetry, often with accompanying imagery. She writes free-form poetry as well as structured poems, including syllabic styles. Balroop is prolific. She responds to weekly challenges, and her poems, though often light and airy, also swing to dark and emotional. Balroop is generous in her support of the writing community, hosting tours and sharing her thoughtful reviews.

Balroop has published seven extensive poetry collections, and I’ve read them all. She also has three self-help books from earlier in her publishing career.

A review of her latest collection:

Hues of Hope by Balroop Singh

My Review: Singh’s latest collection of free-form poetry includes about 100 poems on the subject of hope. They cover a wide range of perspectives, emotions, and sources of hope, found within us as well as out in the world. The hope found in nature, in memories, and in love are prevalent in the first three sections of the book.

In the second half of the collection, hope becomes more complex and entangled with pain, disappointment, and longing, among other less cheery emotions and experiences. It was within these more nuanced explorations that I found some of my favorite poems.

A few memorable poems were “I Have Understood”, “I Know You!” and “Now I Understand You!” Below are the first three stanzas of “Who Are You” from the section Beams of Love:

Who Are You?

Once again dusk descended
Alone she sat in deep thought
One more gorge
That seemed to devour her.

Love entered from the back door
Sat by her side and smiled
She couldn’t recognize the stranger
So she asked: “Who are you?”

“You knew me at birth
You stretched your arms
For me, you cried
When I didn’t embrace you…

Highly recommended to readers who enjoy free-form poetry around a complex theme, including the light and whimsical as well as the poignant and painful.


If you have a chance, head on over to join The Necromancer’s Daughter tour at Balroop’s blog: Emotional Shadows.