The Necromancer’s Daughter Book Tour: Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of The Necromancer’s Daughter’s Book Tour!

I hope you enjoy:

~ A lovely community of bloggers.

~ My favorite book from my host’s list, along with my review.

~ Something to make you smile. 

~ Something short and different about The Necromancer’s Daughter (follow the link below).

~ Leave a comment on my hosts’ sites, and your name will be entered in an end-of-tour drawing for a $50 Amazon gift certificate. The more tour sites, the more entries!

Day 8, here we go!

Marcia Meara’s Blog: The Write Stuff

Marcia’s blog is a great place to be a guest, much like I am today. In fact, her logline is “Writers helping writers.” She offers her site for Guest Post Tuesdays, and she runs some wonderful features like Ten Things You May Not Know About (blogger), and First Line Fridays. She shares some great humor every week as well as updates on her projects and life in general.

She’s also a writer of some outstanding books (Wake Robin Ridge series and Riverbend series) mostly suspenseful thrillers with a bit of the paranormal thrown in. She’ll make you fall in love with her characters. Naturally, I’ve read all her books!

Here’s my review of an all-time favorite:

A Boy Named Rabbit by Marcia Meara

My Review: I fell in love with a little boy named Rabbit. OMG. This book is so wonderful, I can’t recommend it enough. Rabbit is ten years old, and for his entire life, he’s lived in the deep forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains with his grandparents. They took him there when he was a baby to keep him safe from the “bad people.” When his grandparents die, he starts a solo journey to find a place he belongs.

Rabbit enters the lives of Sarah and Mac Cole and what follows is a story of love, loss, and discovery as Rabbit learns about a whole new world. He’s never seen electricity in action or ridden in a car or listened to music! He’s an amazing character—inquisitive, funny, heartbroken, and wise beyond his years. As Rabbit transforms, the characters around him transform as well.

There’s danger in this book, a bit of paranormal “sight,” and kindness galore. My investment in Rabbit was intense, and I couldn’t stop rooting for him. Though Rabbit is the star of this literary show, the other characters are well-rounded and emotionally authentic. The writing is exceptional with spot-on dialog and an excellent pace. I couldn’t put the book down and got all teary with happiness at the end.

Though this is Book 2 in the Wake-Robin Ridge series, I’m not sure it’s necessary to read Book 1 first, though it wouldn’t hurt. I enjoyed that book too. Interested in something thoroughly original, engaging, and tender? A Boy Named Rabbit will steal your heart.


If you have a chance, head on over to join The Necromancer’s Daughter tour at Marcia’s blog: The Write Stuff.