Smorgasbord Bookshelf – New Book on the Shelves -#Pre-order August 25th – #Fantasy – The Necromancer’s Daughter by D.Wallace Peach

Many thanks to Sally Cronin for generously sharing my new book, on preorder now, but releasing in 3 days! She also caught a wonderful review of The Ferryman and the Sea Witch. What a way to start my Monday. Thanks, Sally.

Comments are closed here. If you head over to Sally’s, be sure to wander through her wonderful site and take a browse through her collection of books. I’ve read almost every one and highly recommend them. ❤

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Delighted to share the news of the latest release by D.Wallace Peach the much anticipated The Necromancer’s Daughter available on pre-order for just another two days until August 25th.

About the book

A healer with the talent to unravel death. A stillborn child brought to life. A father lusting for vengeance. And a son torn between justice, faith, and love. Caught in a chase spanning kingdoms, each must decide the nature of good and evil, the lengths they will go to survive, and what they are willing to lose.

A healer and dabbler in the dark arts of life and death, Barus is as gnarled as an ancient tree. Forgotten in the chaos of the dying queen’s chamber, he spirits away her stillborn infant and in a hovel at the meadow’s edge, breathes life into the wisp of a child. He names her Aster for the lea’s white flowers. Raised…

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