The Dudes aren’t in the kitchen with D. Wallace Peach.

I’m over at Shehanne Moore’s blog, getting interviewed by the Hamsters. Shey also wrote a wonderful review of Catling’s Bane, though you have to read through the hamsters’ hilarious commentary first. If you have a moment, stop by, and don’t forget to check out Shey’s fabulous regency-era romances. I highly recommend them. ❤

shehanne moore

D. Wallace Peach.Thanks so much for the invite to visit with you and the Dudes, Shey. What a treat to hobnob with the famous (infamous?) Hamstas. Hi guys.

Question one. · Fantasy can stand or fall on the world building and making a reader completely believe in that world. When you first sat down to write Catling’s Bane, what came first, the world she inhabits or Catling?

D. Wallace Peach. For me, both happen at the same time. Usually, the theme comes first – in this case, the ability to manipulate emotions. That bit of inspiration starts a cascade of character, world, and plot ideas that inform each other as the story takes shape. Not until that magic has run its course, do I begin writing.

D. Wallace Peach. Oh I am definitely a plotter. And I wrote all four books before I published the first. That…

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