To Be Read (TBR) on a Frosty Night

A little spin on Robert Frost from Pam. I’ll bet he had a TBR pile too. Enjoy.


Thanks to Geralt, Pixabay

How many books are waiting for you, impatiently, piled throughout your house or on your Kindle? Author and blogger, Diana Peach presented a challenge – write a poem or story about your TBR pile. I got inspired with the help of Robert Frost and his Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” (Tap to read Frost’s poem)

To Be Read on a Frosty Night

Whose books are these, I think you know

Strew on shelf and floor and chair, though

I try to pass, no stopping here,

But each unique like flakes of snow.

A visitor must think it queer

To watch me touch each book that’s near…

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