The Leaning Tower of Books #TuesdayTidbit #Poetry #Inspiration

Abbie has a teetering pile of audiobooks! I hope you enjoy her poem. 🙂

My Corner

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Today, I’m taking a challenge from a blog called Myths of the Mirror to write about your to-be-read (TBR) pile. Below is a poem I wrote about piles of books past and present. You can click the link below the poem to hear me read it.


by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Copyright 2022

In my youth, before Kindle and Audible,
it stood on my coffee table,
threatening to fall at any minute,
a pile of green boxes containing books on cassettes
borrowed from my regional talking book library.
I read one or two, then added one or two more,
never ran out of books.

Now, there’s no leaning tower
but a list of titles in my Kindle, Audible and other libraries.
I read one or two, then acquire one or two more,
will never get through them all in one lifetime.

The Leaning Tower of Books

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