I’m Up For It: #Writingchallenge #TBR

Cheryl offers up a lovely intro and a poem with some clever rhyming. I hope you enjoy!


Good morning friends! In my current state of inspiration, I decided to follow Dan’s lead and participate in  the writing challenge hosted by Myths of the Mirror. Dee’s prompt for today is #TBR. Visit her blog at the link to get details about how her system works. 

In short, TBR refers to those lonely books waiting patiently for us to turn or return our attention to them. While most folks say they don’t use e-readers, I am different in that I do both. I love a great book in hand, smelling the pages, looking at the illustrations, seeing the typed print on the page, etc. But in my current circumstance it is not possible to have all my treasured friends with me so I must depend on the electronic readers I have. Notice I said ‘readers’, as in plural…

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