To Be Read – Built – Shared 

Dan Antion brings us a great short story. His challenge is keeping his wife happy while also keeping his books within easy reach. Read on to learn his clever solution. Enjoy!

No Facilities

This little bit of fiction was created for the “TBR Pile Challenge” fromD. Wallace Peach. Writing fiction on demand, as it were, is not easy for me. However, I do enjoy it when I have a subject that suits me. I have been working on some serious fiction projects, and I am finding it easier to dig in when challenged. Thanks to Diana for a prompt that bounces between two things I enjoy – reading and woodworking.

On Top of the Basket

After a loud knock to let me know she was coming, in case I was using a power tool, she enter the shop. She had brought me a new cup of coffee, but her expression told me there was more to this visit.

“Here, I figured your coffee was gone or cold…” She blew a small pile of sawdust off the top of my to-go cup…

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