A Pile of Gems #TBR

Aroosa shares her treasure of gems… her books in this poem about her TBR pile. Enjoy.

Life is a Treasure

A pile of gems
“To be read” as they are called
resting on my shelves.
Just off one more burden
and I shall commence
to feed my soul with them.
This commitment to self
every time I device

Being a part of that race
where everyone must chase
career, success, love
or maybe to owe allegiance
to the circumstances
for, if I choose to exit
the race that defines
I shall be left to efface

The gems- waiting for me to embrace
long enough by now-wearing off
a layer of dust
covering their shine
as I see them weep_
or maybe, it isjust
my soul weeping
and reflectingthrough
the long-kept gems.

-Aroosa Zamarud

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