My BFK (Big Fat Kindle)

I’m off to take care of my parents for the afternoon, so I leave you with a humorous poem by Debby Gies. How I love her new acronym… BFK. Ha ha. Enjoy


Author, Diana Peach has a fun writing challenge going on – Write a story about your TBR pile. Great topic as so many of us writers and readers make jokes about how fat our Kindles are. I’ve written a poem about my BFK – My big fat Kindle.

Click to continue on to Debby’s poem: My BFK (Big Fat Kindle)

3 thoughts on “My BFK (Big Fat Kindle)

  1. To Big Fat Kindles and happy readers.

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  2. I enjoyed Debby’s BFK poem. I hope your parents are doing okay.

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  3. I have enjoyed reading through the different posts on your challenge TBR pile and now we have BFK….love it!!

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