Another Three Letter Acronym #TBR

Geoff has a great sense of humor, and I’m delighted to share his poem. For a peek into his TBR, read on…


Diana at Myths of the Mirror has asked about our reaction to our TBR list. This is what came to mind…

The sex life of plums

My many chums

Hemlines I have known

Holidaying alone

The treatment of pests

Men in vests

Anne Frank’s diaries

Telephone enquiries

The comprehensive A to Z

John and Yoko’s unmade bed

Computing for dummies

Slummy mummies

Egypt on a dime

An audio book of mime


… it must be said

That my ‘to be read’

Will never ever end

And drive me round the bend.

So I’ll name and shame

And point the finger of blame

At that modern day swindle

The never full kindle….

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