Writing Challenge – The TBR Pile

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I don’t know anyone who owns a Kindle (or other ebook reader) and isn’t buried in books. We groan as we add more to the stack… then laugh about it and buy more! That’s my situation anyway.

I thought it would be fun to start 2022 with a writing challenge:

Write a story or poem about your TBR pile.

If you want to play, here’s how it works:

  • Deadline is January 23rd
  • Post the story or poem on your blog
  • Link back to this post or leave your link in the comments below
  • Keep it family friendly
  • I will reblog as many of the entries as I can through the end of the January
  • I’ll close comments here, so readers will head your way to comment.
  • In early February, I’ll post a round-up with links.
  • You may use the (attribution free) pixabay image above if you want to
  • And most of all, Have Fun!

Happy Writing and Reading!

321 thoughts on “Writing Challenge – The TBR Pile

  1. Marsha says:

    Sorry I missed this. I just read Janis’ story and it was fabulous. Looks like you had a fabulous response, D.

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  2. Oh, I missed the deadline, but I will want to do this. This is a wonderful idea. You always have so many wonderful ideas!!!

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  3. Life By Mehreen says:

    Hello sorry for a dumb question but what does tbr mean

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  4. Writeflow says:

    Hey Wallace nice to meet you again this challenge is wonderful but now I reached out to you for another amazing challenge inspired by yours. I’ve hosted a TBR writing challenge on my site. So I’ll be glad if you and your fellow followers participated in it. 😊 check out my recent post

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  5. […] If you’d like to read more entries for Diana’s challenge, visit her post The Writing Challenge – TBR Pile. […]

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  6. […] link for the challenge can be found here. Though I am late to the party, here goes my […]

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  7. […] to follow Dan’s lead and participate in  the writing challenge hosted by Myths of the Mirror. Dee’s prompt for today is #TBR. Visit her blog at the link to get details about how her system […]


  8. Steve Tanham says:

    Just seen the cutoff, Diana. Lovely challange… Hope this is in time https://suningemini.blog/2022/01/23/five-spines-of-doom/

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  9. […] Wallace Peach, over at Myths of the Mirror set a writing challenge prompt for the new year… which I’ve just found out expires […]

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  10. Amanda Shobo says:

    The sun shines so bright
    No need for the candlelight.
    Darkness has paved way for light.
    It goes and comes tonight.
    But in light, do we delight.
    Friends! now, is the time.
    All-day does not belong to the sun.
    Oh! come let us party hard!!!

    oh no! so soon here comes the night.
    See the moonlight glow.
    so beautiful from above.
    so peaceful like a dove.
    A woman in labour.
    The pains she can’t harbour
    Boom*** here comes her child.
    she will be called Luna!

    poem by AmandaShobo❤️

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  11. Luanne says:

    Such a great idea that clearly has inspired a lot of fun reads!

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  12. […] blog friends! A colleague and writer friend, D. Wallace Peach, posted a challenge for writers to submit a poem or story about their To-Be-Read pile. If you […]


  13. I am gobsmacked at the wonderful responses you’ve had to your challenge, Diana. What a wonderful blogosphere we have! I posted my response today. THANK YOU. https://roughwighting.net/2022/01/21/to-be-read-tbr-on-a-frosty-night/

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    • I already lined it up, Pam. I love the variety. Some are clever, others hilarious, and I even have a tear-jerker. Ha ha. I think there are about 40 responses so far. I’ve got another week of reblogging at least. 🙂 Thanks again for playing along and getting a little Frosty for a while. Ha ha. Now, get warm and cozy and enjoy a good book. ❤


  14. Hi Diana! This was such an amazing challenge and I loved it. This really made me reflect on my tbr😅😁💫

    Here’s my attempt – https://ruminativephilomath.wordpress.com/2022/01/21/a-readers-dilemma/

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