To Be Read (a short story)

This is the second to last post of the TBR Writing Challenge, and I’m thrilled to share a lovely short story from Janis. Get your tissues ready and enjoy a beautiful read.


To Be Read

It had taken nearly eight months, but Jane finally made it through the TBR pile that had been stacked by her bedside. As she picked up the remaining book from the floor, she could see the ring of dust her pile had created on the carpet like the chalk body outline in a crime novel. Her daughter would be pleased that she could finally vacuum the floor properly, but Jane couldn’t help feeling the loss of her friends.

She opened her book and started to read.


At first, when Anne invited her mother to come live with her, she had resisted. Jane valued her independence and knew that their individual daily habits could cause friction. But when Jane’s health deteriorated to a point that even she realized that she could no longer live alone, she consented. Within a few weeks, Jane’s home had been emptied and put on the market. Anne told her mother she could keep anything she wanted, but Jane knew her daughter’s house was small, and space was already at a premium. A few items of clothing, her favorite teacup, and her pile of books was all she brought with her…

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Five Spines of Doom #TBR

Steve has five books looming over him. I loved the dark gothic feel of his poem. Enjoy!


Diana Wallace Peach, over at Myths of the Mirror set a writing challenge prompt for the new year… which I’ve just found out expires today!

Here’s my offering, ‘Five Spines of Doom’ for her ‘Tottering TBR pile’ prompt: a nightmare of the ‘to be read’ books we all have – particularly on our Kindles…

Five Spines of Doom

Five spines of doom, the living pile declares

To struggling mind awakening in the gloom

Of winter morning in the dreaming room

Who shouts? He whispers to the wall


Five spines of doom, where will has failed

To clear the conscience of the might

of these five books which through the night

Have taunted sleep of he who put them there!


Beside the bed, next to his head…

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Ducks in a Row for Fri-Yay Funday For TBR!!!!

Cindy is known for her energy and enthusiasm, but when it comes to reading in bed, she has the same problem I do. She does a lovely shout-out for my latest book, but I think it’s putting her to sleep (lol). I hope you enjoy her poem.


Ducks in a Row

My books are bought
and piled up in perfect order
like ducks in a row. 

I twitter my way through the word press maze.
The day is done, so I wash my face, brush my teeth,
get my jammies on and crawl into bed...

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A Reader’s Dilemma #TBR

Deeksha share’s a common problem. With all those books, how do we choose what to read next? I hope you enjoy her poem.


The Reader’s Dilemma

The abundance of books,
Judges me as I look,
For the next book to read,

As if the choices are none,
They laugh as I twist and turn,

Kept aside on the shelf,
They yell to be picked up,
For it’s been too long,
That they’ve been kept in lock-up…

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To Be Read (TBR) on a Frosty Night

A little spin on Robert Frost from Pam. I’ll bet he had a TBR pile too. Enjoy.


Thanks to Geralt, Pixabay

How many books are waiting for you, impatiently, piled throughout your house or on your Kindle? Author and blogger, Diana Peach presented a challenge – write a poem or story about your TBR pile. I got inspired with the help of Robert Frost and his Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” (Tap to read Frost’s poem)

To Be Read on a Frosty Night

Whose books are these, I think you know

Strew on shelf and floor and chair, though

I try to pass, no stopping here,

But each unique like flakes of snow.

A visitor must think it queer

To watch me touch each book that’s near…

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Read, Part Through, To Be, New… 

Eric has a style of poetry all his own. I hope you enjoy his take on the challenge!


A new pile, a cut above the old, both merged, size matters, trouble is Mr McCartney I kept dipping in, book shelves rearranged, well the ones to hand, the read, the part through, the to be, the new, now all equally within reach, all bought for a reason, some I remember, some I haven’t a clue, yes I do, titles on past present lists, interest piqued through online and newspaper reviews – and some because I know you!

And what about my Kindle, well I once had one, an early one at that, gave it to my youngest grandson, he’s into retro, got most of my old gadgets, thinks it cool I had them when expensive and new…

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My TBR Pile. A Poem

A rhyming poem about Viv’s insatiable TBR Pile. This one got me chuckling. Enjoy.


My TBR Pile

TBR—to be read.

A pile of books beside my bed.

Now ebooks have arrived and so

On Kindle now, my books do go.

But Kindle just goes on and on

To fill it you are never done.

Books to improve myself are there…

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