The Ukrainian Muse and the Paradox of Life

I stumbled across this stunning muse post from photographer Dalo Collis. It’s several years old, but too beautiful not to share. Enjoy.

Global Sojourns Photography

Alone I walk.  The bite of the winter chill does not let up, colors of the world fade into different shades of bleakness.  The ache for youth pulsates strong although I’m acutely aware each passing second takes me further away from this dream.

A nondescript voice echoes in my head, “the closer to death you are, the closer to life you become…”

My turned-up collar does little to stifle the cold wind caressing my neck, motivation for the continued search of a spark to ignite another year of passion.

The winter’s silence is broken by a warm whisper, “so you’ve finally come to see me again…” I look to find a smile I’ve grown accustomed to when in a philosophical mood.  She’s always walking beside me, but it’s been too long since I last heard her voice.

“This morning, I noticed you were preoccupied with a quote at the coffee…

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35 thoughts on “The Ukrainian Muse and the Paradox of Life

  1. inese says:

    Oh I remember Dalo’s muse! So cool you have found the post, Diana. ❤

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  2. […] you stumble over an extraordinary blog – and then you just have to share it… Thank you Diane for pointing me towards this!Thursday Doors – Follow the Wall […]

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  3. A conversation on time and transcendence, as happiness is most enjoyed as we age. The photographs and the conversation with this philosophical muse are enriching for me. My time spent reading felt saturated with textures, and my senses indulged by this composition.

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  4. What profound words on time and life from Dalo. His photography is incredible. I found a treasure today. Thanks for the share, Diana! 🙂

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  5. Thank you for sharing Dalo’s post. It’s as stunning as you promised. I couldn’t resist reading the “The Gauze of Doubt” as well.

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  6. sjhigbee says:

    It is, indeed, absolutely, beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this one:))

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  7. J.D. says:

    A beauty from Randall’s deep vault of treasures. Perfect for your muse series.

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    • I thought so too. I’ve slowly been reading back through his posts and landed on this one. Just had to share it. Thanks for taking the time to read, Julie. Stay well as we move through these few months. The end of this virus is in sight. ❤

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  8. balroop2013 says:

    Randall’s prose is always poetic. Lovely share Diana.

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  9. Agreed Diana. You found a golden oldie from Randall. I love his photography and musings. He has a quiet philosophical tone to his writing.

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  10. That’s a keeper.

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  11. That really is lovely. Diana, it’s wonderful that you’re adding posts that weren’t done in response to your challenge. It’s 19 degrees at 8AM (here, way down south!) so the tone was right. Although I’m going to have a second cup of hot coffee! 🙂 Hugs on the wing!

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  12. noelleg44 says:

    I agree, Diana.

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