Muse Talking

Meet Eric’s muse, shared in his unique poetic style. Enjoy!

EDC Writing - Believing Sight Unseen

You’re here then

I’ve always been

I couldn’t tell

No words then

Not as good

Who says

Me I guess

No one you believe

Not the same though

As when – Embankment, river crossing

More Kings Cross, adjacent streets

Need your hand held

You let go

I moved on

I guess me too

You got it

See you soon

You will


This a fictional exchange close to real as all are with our muse – posted in response to the prompt from D Wallace Peach ‘Meet the Muse’ The references to London stations, Embankment and Kings Cross, relate to poems in ‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ – a bit of fun to figure out which one’s.

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24 thoughts on “Muse Talking

  1. If I may, Diana, I’d like to thank every one for there comments here and over at my place – you have all made my day!

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  2. henhouselady says:

    I love these muse posts. I’m starting to believe they exist because every one of the entries are so different.

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  3. I like this. Such an ambivalent muse. A tease for sure. I’m so enjoying this challenge! 💫

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  4. Pink Roses says:

    I love “see you soon” at the end – positive and optimistic – the muse hasn’t gone away.

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  5. OH! I LOVE this one! How familiar!!! 😄 Thank You for sharing this, Diana!!! Huge hugs and Cheers! 💕

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  6. Very clever. Another pushy muse! Recite a ballad–that’ll keep him/her quiet!

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  7. Chel Owens says:

    I love your poetic exchange.

    …I need a better muse. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Ah, my sometimes muse, English, a mischievous mind, a writers kind, quirky cute, loves cheese and wine – and yes, Diana, you know her?

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