(Short) Conversation with a Muse

Frances’ muse is our first sprite. I hope you enjoy the conversation…


D. Wallace Peach over at Myths of the Mirror has challenged us to imagine a conversation with our muse.

I don’t know what my muse looks like.  He or she is shy, spends a great deal of time in absentia,  on holiday perhaps (think Robin Williams -bless him – as the genie,  finally freed from thousands of years stuck in a bottle).

In order to take part in this challenge, I had to tempt him or her to make an appearance.

I write both poems and fiction and I often use images of ghosts and rivers/seas/water so perhaps my muse is a water sprite.

A water sprite with a short attention span, I think not always helpful yet always in a hurry.   And probably wearing odd socks.

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2 thoughts on “(Short) Conversation with a Muse

  1. joylennick says:

    4.30 am…Yawn.
    Me – Is that you, Joan? (My Muse is a dead ringer for Joan Rivers!) Couldn’t you have made it a bit later?
    Joan – Yep! Sorry.
    Me – Thanks a million for yesterday! THE BOOK’S FINISHED! Film rights next, ha ha.Nevertheless, I must express my annoyance at your behaviour of late
    Joan – Such as?
    Me – Don’t play the innocent with me …You’ve been Moonlighting again.And answer me one thing straight. Can you Metamorphosize?
    Joan – (Looking sheepish) Yes, ma’am.
    Me – I thought so. All that wonderful prose, unique tales, surprises and rib-tickling humour. plus the heart-breaking lingo, funny anecdotes – and the horror….How can a woman compete? The competition is so fierce, I’m contemplating Origami or Morris Dancing instead! You know you are breaking the Muse Assn ‘s Constitution.rules of ‘ Only two clients at a time’. Not TWENTY! You’ve got too big for your boots.All that praise has gone to your head.And now I must warn all those brilliant but innocent ‘victims’ of your complicity and suggest they give a password to their usual muse, for you can also be capricious and spiteful at times! Play the game,woman. .
    Warning to Jan Davies,Georgia Varjas, Sally Cronin, Debby Gie:, Marjie Mallon,Sue Vincent,Hannah Ferguson, Barb Taub, Diane Peach,Robbie Cheadle, Carol Taylor, Ruth Larrea, Anita & sister, Jennie. Rohini, Darlene, Genna d’Cruz, Penny Wobbly,& ‘Pamela’.

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    • Your muse is a moonlighting Joan Rivers look-alike? Lol. You have your hands full, Joy. I suspect my muse has other clients too, which is why she occasionally hires the mercenary. I’d love to dig into the Muse Assn Constitution. Thanks so much for playing and sharing your shapeshifting muse! Happy Writing. 🙂


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