Meet the Muse

HRR has a fun relationship with her pipe-smoking muse. Enjoy!

Let Me Tell You the Story of...

“Pah! You’ve never had such adventure. How do you expect to write about space warriors or musketmen if you’ve never been one?” He leans over a bit and lights a pipe, but as he puffs the smoke has no scent. He’s not exactly real. He’s a figment, a muse.

Or so he’s led me to believe. Otherwise this smoke crap’s going to make me sick one day.

I type with nimble fingers despite his prodding. “If you’re such a stone-cold killer, why don’t you tell me how to write this? Get through this battle scene so I can go on with the politics I’m better at?”

“I will! I am your muse, after all. I’m also better at politics than you, so you can rely on me to help with that.” He clears his throat, straightens his bow tie, and puffs on his pipe. “Now, let me point you to…

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40 thoughts on “Meet the Muse

  1. I liked H.’s muse. The description reminded me of Sherlock Holmes.

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    • Ha! I think so too. I’ve read some of HRR’s stories so I went straight to Andrew Jackson, but Holmes fits the bill. I just love all the variety in the responses. 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Robbie. ❤


  2. Thanks for reblogging! It’s been very fun.

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  3. Thêa says:

    I seem to have missed something that is happening around here. That’s a pity, but life is like that sometimes! 😀
    Though I did write a piece about my Muse not too long ago. His name is Albert. A sandwich eating, coffee drinking, a bit burlesque, pushy, straight out speaking being, that never, ever would put a tie around his neck. Haven’t seen him for a while, sad to say. Could need a bit of input of Fantasy. 😀
    See you around, Diana! ❤

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    • Your muse sounds like quite a character, Thea. Perhaps you can coax him into a conversation(?). 🙂 The prompt is good for 3 more days.

      I haven’t been able to visit you lately because your link isn’t working anymore. Did you change your web address? Your gravatar link is sending me to If you need help with directions to fix it, just let me know. ❤


  4. HRR’s muse is so enthusiastic to do the work. They’ll get the job done in no time!

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  5. Thanks for reblogging, Diana. This is a nice introduction to HR. Hugs to you both.

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  6. Silent Hour says:

    This is such a fun prompt! It makes me wonder what my muse looks like.

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  7. This is a fun series, Diana

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  8. We certainly have an eclectic and eccentric collection of muses!

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  9. Pink Roses says:

    Hello Diana. I’ve had a go at the Muse subject and posted it a minute ago. Here’s the link. I hope it works – I’ve had trouble providing links before.

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