Ready for a laugh? Visit with Suzanne and her muse. Enjoy.


This week, D. Wallace Peach of  Myths of the Mirror challenged her readers to write about their muses. She has many, all with distinct personalities, and the one who appeared to her cut quite an imposing figure. My muse, on the other hand, isn’t corporeal, doesn’t have a name, and annoys the hell out of me.

Cue frenetic electric guitar.

A screaming howl rising to a crescendo.

I can’t stand it, I know you planned it…

Me (groggy): What the f*ck…?
Muse: Hello!
Me: Why are you making me listen to Sabotage at 3 o’clock in the morning?!
Muse: You weren’t asleep anyway. You had an idea and you need to write it down.
Me: No, it’s fine. I’ll remember it in the morning.
Muse: No you won’t. Write it down.
Me: It was only two damned lines. I’ll remember it.
Muse: That’s what you said last time. Then you…

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44 thoughts on “A-Muse-ing

  1. […] Wallace Peach over at Myths of the Mirror has challenged us to imagine a conversation with our […]

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  2. Each writer has such a time with her/his Muse. Quite telling – I suppose this is why we struggle with the writing so much, and yet we can never, never stop. Our Muse will never let us – thank goodness!

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  3. volatilemuse says:

    Here’s a link to my attempt at the Muse challenge. Thanks so much for such a fun idea.

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  4. balroop2013 says:

    I liked the funny advertisements that have been shared in this post.
    There was a time when my muse spoke at odd hours and compelled me to note it down. No longer so! She visits my dreams now. 🙂

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  5. I can see Suzanne has a bossy muse. Good and not so good!!! Those two lines must worth a fortune. Thanks for the laugh, Suzanne. 🙂 I’m glad my muse doesn’t dare to wake me but keeps me awake until I write down those few words or few lines though. Thank you for the share, Diana. ❤

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  6. These have been great so far, D 🙂

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  7. I tend to record myself when I come up with that ‘perfect’ line late at night, then wonder who that slurring idiot was that got hold of my phone, lol
    Good post!

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    • Recording?! That’s a good idea, though my husband would be complaining in the background. Lol. I have a note book, but writing in the pitch dark ends up almost indecipherable in the morning. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Jacquie.

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  8. An amusing muse! wow! That was a fun read. The ad with the long title & *and* misleading with the cute puppy pic…. too funny! I liked your commentary on the particular tiny clock for your arm. Lol 😆

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  9. So Hilarious and relatable. Did you ever get up and write it down and the next morning you’re like « what the hell is this? » good one ! ❤️

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  10. Chocoviv says:

    So cute too! Btw I am tagging you on a book tag soon!

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  11. Léa says:

    What a fun exercise. A friend challenged me to write about our muses then share them. His resembled Roseanne Barr coming downstairs in a pink bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, and a head full of curlers saying “You call yourself a writer, get up and write.”
    Alas, mine had long boots, dressed in leather and cracking a whip…
    We drank a lot of coffee and had a good laugh.

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    • I can just imagine how fun that was, Lea. I’m amazed at the variety of muses and their relationships with their writers. It’s fascinating. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, and if you’re inclined, you have a week to play! Be well, my friend. ❤


  12. Nice and hilarious muse, Diana and it was funny and full of fun. Do keep on writing such muses and great way of entertainment too.

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  13. SD Gates says:

    That blog post was great. I’m with Jacqui – I got pulled in thinking the Lab ( I think that is right) was the muse – but then the strange ads – too funny.

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  14. This is my favorite post so far, Diana. Of course, the gorgeous Labrador might be influencing me…

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  15. Haha, I definitely needed that this morning.

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  16. So hilarious! Thanks for sharing, Diana.

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  17. Erica/Erika says:

    This is hilarious, Diana and Suzanne. “Write it down.” We can all relate. Room for rent is a little scary. For a “hearse?” Also scary. Thank you for this series, Diana. A lot of fun! 🙂 Erica

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