Musings From The Kitchen #prompt #shortfiction

Geoff has a serious and sentimental side, but not this time where his quirky sense of humor shines. Enjoy meeting his muses.


Diana Peach at Myths Of The Mirror has prompted us to write about our muse. But what if…

It had been a heck of a day. So many interruptions, but finally I’d settled down to write. That’s when the door bell went.

Mumbling ‘not another bloody parcel,’ I opened the door.

Two men, vaguely familiar in so far as the ski slope nose on one and the beetled brows on the other seemed to chime with some memory, stood, hands lightly clasped in front like mourners at a funeral.

‘Hello? Can I…?’

‘…‘Elp? I should think so, wouldn’t you Johnson?’

‘Hindeed, Johnston I would think so.’

‘Very much.’

Not sure where this was going I thought I’d wait. They could have been brothers, similar builds, and round faces. Or it might have been the matching dark suits, white shirts and sober ties. There was something rather creepy about…’

‘’E don’t…

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18 thoughts on “Musings From The Kitchen #prompt #shortfiction

  1. Carla says:

    Hello I have been reading your blog and I enjoy it very much, and I would like to invite you to follow my blog to thank you so much and I wish you much success 🌹

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  2. Ah! Looking forward to it! Thank You, Diana! Huge hugs Your way!!! 💖


  3. Fun reading Diana. You alwa

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  4. TanGental says:

    or maybe terrifying!

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  5. Things are getting interesting! Thanks again for jump starting our musings Diana!

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