Lords of Chaos

When I started this series, back in July of 2018, I had no idea that I’d be finishing it up in late October of 2020, a year later than planned.

I couldn’t have imagined that my parents’ health would take a nose dive with E.coli, heart attacks, and a stroke. Nor that the world would be dealing with a rampaging virus and all the associated anxiety. Who knew that Chaos would become the order of the day – on and off the page?

But writing is about perseverance, determination, patience. Those who’ve finished books, regardless of the everyday chaos in their lives, know what I’m talking about. There’s no easy path up the mountain, and sometimes the journey becomes strenuous. There are cramps. There are blisters. We’re grubby and worn out when we get to top. But what a breathtaking view!

So here I stand at the top of my little summit, enjoying the sunshine and leafing through the latest book. Lords of Chaos finishes up the Unraveling the Veil series. I wonder what awaits me on the other side.

The Blurb

In this thrilling conclusion to the Unraveling the Veil series, tensions mount and war looms.

After saving the changeling queen from a savage death, a second sworn oath sends Naj, Alue, and Talin to the mine where the first disappearances set the wheels of anarchy in motion. But it’s not the renders of Kalann il Drakk, the First of Chaos, who confront them in the blackness of the collapsed tunnels. It’s another foe, no less deadly.

When brutality strikes in the stone cells of the Authority, accusations and blame splinter trust. The fragile threads of loyalty that once bound the companions together on an impossible mission fray. The alliance finally breaks.

Naj, a goblin mage and traitor, returns to Jad’ra, determined to defend his home. With nothing to lose, Talin retreats to the changelings’ jungle to find his queen a stranger and his city on the verge of burning. Alue journeys to the Riverlands on a hopeless quest to enlist the aid of the elfin king.

All the while, the First of Chaos gloats. For only as allies will his three adversaries prevail. Above the hall of the First, the Veil vanishes before the truth. The hordes of chaos descend on the known land, and the final battle begins.

Review of Book 1: Liars and Thieves

Thank you to Cathleen Townsend, author of Twelve Tales of Christmas.

Goblins, elves, and changelings—they’d lived together for ages in an uneasy peace, in a world where only a Veil separated them from their gods. They’d successfully shared their world, but it was unclear if they could continue to share its resources.

All of them desired crystals. The goblins mined them, elves needed them to power their weapons and homes, and changelings used to them to shift shape. Goblins trusted no one—they carefully rationed the crystals available to their rivals. Elves knew better than to trust the lesser races—goblins were grasping and changelings were nothing but thieves. And changelings knew better than to trust either of them. Elves collared changelings and prevented them from shifting shape, and goblins were a humorless lot who cared only for amassing wealth.

But now their world is literally coming apart. A rash of earthquakes causes losses from all three races, and all of them are certain that one of the others is at fault. Alue, an elf, the goblin Naj, and the shapeshifter Talin all try to solve the mystery and save their people. But what hasn’t occurred to any of them is that someone beyond the Veil might be responsible. And if they can’t see past their own prejudices to figure out how to defeat an immortal, the Lord of Chaos may well defeat them all.

Fantasy readers sometimes argue over the most important elements of a good book. Is it unique world building, characters who seem to live and breathe of their own accord, or a plot that just never lets up? Snappy dialogue, intense action sequences, and characters who struggle to grow—these are all elements that writers labor to incorporate into their work.

Fear not. Liars and Thieves has all these things. As a first book of a trilogy, it’s a solid, compelling read—highly recommended.

Happy Reading!

169 thoughts on “Lords of Chaos

  1. I’m going to have to try this because I’ve never thought seriously about my muse.

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  2. I so badly need to catch up on my reading so I can start this series! How does one ever get through their TBR once they begin accumulating one?

    (also it doesn’t help when you’re just stuck on one book that’s really hard to get through but not bad enough to put away – working on a 19th century autobiography right now)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha ha. Isn’t it funny how some 300-page books take a week to read and others fly by in a day? I notice that all the time. My reading challenge was supposed to empty my kindle, but for every two I read, I purchase 3. Lol. It’s hopeless. Happy Reading!

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  3. areilly88 says:

    Perseverance, endurance, and patience indeed. Grateful for your inspiration 💚

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  4. Sarah says:

    Many congratulations to your latest book launch, Diana! ❤ It’s been a topsy-turvy kind of two years for you and I hope your parents are well and that you all can take a deep breath and relax a little over the upcoming holidays. Vaccines seem to be in reach soon and that sure gives us hope and a much-needed uplift. Hope you’re well and wish you a lovely weekend! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Sarah. I always think I’m going to take a break and relax, and then invariably, I take on a new challenge or project. I might as well get used to the idea. Ha ha. And yes, vaccines on the way. We just have to hold out a little longer. ❤

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  5. I think I’m being redundant but that’s ok. Congratulations 🎈 your books are gorgeous and fabulous! 😊🌼

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  6. So glad you liked the review, and sorry this visit took so long. I really wasn’t good for much until I finished my last editing pass.

    But I did get your last review out–did you see it? Of course, now I’ve got to get one out for Balroop. A writer’s work is never done.

    I still hope to get my books out this month, but I feel you on the deadline thing. Still, I figure that out of all the people who said they were going to write books over the pandemic, we actually did.

    I’m going to feel good about it. It will give me something to do while I’m waiting for the vaccine. : )

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    • Yes! Feel good about it, Cathleen. You worked hard on your books and it’s time to glow! I was so excited about your coming books that I forget to say thank you for the reviews! They’re much appreciated, of course. ❤ Let me know when you hit that publish button. 😀

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  7. Congratulations! I’ll have to take a look at the series, as I haven’t read any yet. Sorry to hear it’s been such a rough year. Bully for you for persevering and getting the book done anyway!

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    • Thank you for the lovely comment, Michelle. It was a tough couple of years, but my muse is very bossy, and she stood over me with a raised eyebrow during my every free minute. 😀 If you decide to pick up the books, I hope you get hours of escape. Happy Reading!

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  8. Congratulations on getting it out there in the face of so much adversity. Not many would keep rising to the challenge. Glad to hear your muse knows you are serious about this writing business. 😉

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    • Thanks so much for the kind comment and congrats. There was so much going on that I had no choice but to put aside my writing, and then when things settled down a bit, writing became “nose to the grindstone” labor. My muse is very bossy but just what I needed. Lol. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy day. 🙂

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  9. da-AL says:

    many tx for your honest, sharing your insights — very inspiring — wishing you the best!

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