The Red Bridge #Writephoto #Tanka Tuesday

copyright Sue Vincent

I decided to combine Sue Vincent’s beautiful #writephoto prompt (above)

with Colleen Chesebro’s intriguing #photoprompt (below)

photo provided by Vashti Q. Vega, image credit: Balaji Malliswamy




Beneath the red bridge

Innocent waterlilies

Bloom with pink brushstrokes

While spring’s fecund beauty hides

A predator’s lustrous eyes

174 thoughts on “The Red Bridge #Writephoto #Tanka Tuesday

  1. Hahaha – private eyes are watching you, mayhaps?

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  2. This is great! A peaceful beginning, with an ominous ending.

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  3. Pauline Reid says:

    Love it, both the photo and poem

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  6. Oooh, love the chilling ending.

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  7. I prefer to stay with the first half and let the lilies be innocent forever, but nature is the reality. As much as our hearts ache for the prey, they must survive on their own. Excellent poem that stirs my emotion, Diana.

    Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Miriam. Yes, I prefer the innocence of the scene too, but that darn alligator image just begged for a little danger. And you’re right that life isn’t all innocence. This virus is a predator that I’d rather not face. Be safe and have a peaceful weekend, my friend.


      • That’s the conflicts I have when watching the nature documentaries, Diana. I understand it’s all part of the food chain for the survival. I just closed my eyes for the kill scenes.
        The donut shop and Hobby lobby are open. Our church sent out a survey asked if people want to take part in small groups of in person service. We have several thousands of congregation. I’m not responding at the moment, just enjoy the live streaming. Have a nice weekend, my friend.

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        • Me too, Miriam. I just look away. Part of life, but not enjoyable to watch. We’re being cautious too about going out. Things don’t seem to be going well in our country.


          • Yeah, I can’t figure out why we couldn’t take a stronger control to slow down the cases and deaths. Some countries did. As densied population as Hong Kong, the deaths is only 4. They shut down the schools in February. People were good in self quarentine when suspected being sick. Everyone wears masks. Early March, my brother asked me to buy masks (many are made in China) and send them to him. I did.

            We have freedom in this country, but freedom without responsibility is not good, as Viktor Frankl inferred.

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