At the Mirror: Just So

I’m taking a wee bit of a blogging break to prep for draft 3 of my WIP (focusing on characters).

I leave you with some breathtaking prose by Violet Lentz. Notice the exquisite choice of details that brings her character, Willard, beautifully to life. I’ve closed comments here; please click over to Violet’s blog for a writing treat. ❤

Just So

by Violet Lentz

Though Willard had always pictured himself in the subtle gray pinstripe, he decided against it at the last moment. Years of maintaining a keen edge on the trouser crease that was once the definition of a well groomed man, had weakened the fabric and left what now appeared to be a light gray chalk line running dead center down the front and back of each pant leg.

He chose instead a polished silk blend, in charcoal. He had always loved the tapered waist on the jacket and hand carved ornamental buttons on the sleeves, but felt the tri-pleat on the front of the trouser insinuated a pauchiness that distracted from the otherwise clean cut of the suit and therefore was never comfortable wearing the jacket open.

There would be no reason to wear the jacket open today.

Scrupulously shaved, and every hair oiled into place, Willard chose a muted striped tie that would neither add to nor distract from the sheen of the suit, and…

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