Ritual #Tanka Tuesday

image copyright 2019 Willow Willers


love painted hands
palms offering the world
the beauty of hearts awakened

scented color
my bridal ritual
bless me with joyful abundance

sweet love
enchant my skin
butterflies transform me
lotus stirs my soul to flower

ripples of change
sunbirds carry my prayers
on gossamer dragonfly wings

guide me
auspicious art
drawn in ancient symbols
even the gods and goddesses



My first crown cinquain ever.
Written in response to Colleen Chesebro’s #Tanka Tuesday challenge.
The prompt this week was this beautiful photo by Willow Willers.

157 thoughts on “Ritual #Tanka Tuesday

  1. Himani says:

    Wow 😍 beautiful

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  2. Beautiful, Diana! Reminds me of the wedding tradition one of my writing sisters talked about when she married her husband (Pakistani).

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  3. Well done. I especially liked the water part. 🙂

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  4. Annika Perry says:

    Diana, I have not heard of the term ‘crown cinquain’ but wow, this is a glorious form. There is such quiet elation, deep reverence and sense of the sacred in this ritual through your beautiful and ethereal poem.

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    • Thank you, Annika, for the beautiful comment, as always. It’s syllabic poetry 5 stanzas of 2/4/6/8/2 syllables. 🙂 I tried this longer form because I had so much I wanted to include about this cool photo – significance, symbolism, history, and that sense of reverence. Aah, your comment made me so happy. Have a lovely day, my friend. ❤

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  5. Lovely piece, Diana. My favorite line is: Sunbirds carry my prayers on gossamer dragonfly wings…

    Beautiful and evocative. Sharing… : )

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  6. As I’m reading, I notice that each line “stands out” in this elegant Tanka poem. Beautifully done.

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