Winter’s Creative Gift

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pixabay free images/ Anja Osenberg

The holidays come to a hectic close and my favorite time of year ambles in. Here in Oregon, if you gaze out the window at the January weather, you’ll find a misty, drippy, icy, foggy-soggy mess, at least through May. That gives me five whole months of lighter obligations and a complete lack of guilt for not “enjoying the weather.” In a climate boasting only four months of sunshine, the Vitamin D police are checking every household for us slackers.

For quite a few creative sorts, our pursuits get back-burnered by other more pressing responsibilities – jobs, violin lessons, soccer practice, staining the deck, grocery shopping, sorting socks…it’s amazing that anything in the world ever gets painted, composed, sculpted, or tapped out on the keyboard.

We, who aren’t independently wealthy or already famous, squeeze precious moments for inspiration from the cracks of our crowded lives. We hide in our cubbyholes, our converted attics, our bedrooms and garages. (Oh, I’ve written in the bathroom too). We rise before dawn with a steamy cup of coffee, kiss our lovers goodnight and stay up with the stars. A weekend alone isn’t a time for melancholy wishes; it’s a little taste of heaven with a neglected muse.

Creative time is sacred time, hours marked with inky conviction on the calendar that can’t be erased. As artists, we need to cultivate a belief in the importance of what we do, even when other duties jostle for our attention. We need to believe in the intrinsic value of our art, even when no paycheck arrives in the mail. We need to honor our creative calling and spirit of inspiration, even when the doubters tell us how nice it is we have a hobby to fill our free time!

In Oregon, the winter weather comes bearing the creative gift of unassigned hours. No matter where you live, dedicate a few empty squares of your calendar to nourish your creative soul and save the dates as you would for your child’s wedding. Be resolved.

157 thoughts on “Winter’s Creative Gift

    • Thank you. I think it’s important to nurture our creativity. More important than a lot of the things we do (watching television, dusting, surfing the internet) and we should make time for it and honor our commitment to ourselves. Thanks so much for stopping by to read. 🙂

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  1. kevin cooper says:

    Nice post , Di. Violin lessons! You know how to grab my attention! 😀

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  2. Lovely writing, Diana… great and inspiring post! 😃

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  3. areilly88 says:

    Yes!! I especially like the reminder for those of us who aren’t famous (or even validated in some external way such as having a published work). Creators need to create. There is difficulty in taking a stand, to make space for this when other things press. But at least for me, time spent in creative activity is directly proportional to my sense of wellness. Wishing you well, Diana!

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    • Great comment, Amanda. Yes, that wellness part is critical. I think humans are creative beings and finding an outlet to create and honoring that time and impulse is incredibly important. Lovely to “see” you and have a happy, artistic, and peaceful 2020.

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  4. Jan Sikes says:

    Life is busy, it seems, for us all. I can’t imagine being bored or having nothing to do. 🙂 I’ve never been to Oregon, but I would love to see it. Maybe one day. In the meantime, you are right. We grab whatever few minutes we can to satisfy our writing desires.

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  5. Excellent advice. Something I also resolved to do.

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  6. Seasonal difference help us all in different ways. Winter provides its own photo opportunities.

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  7. Yes that’s how it is, Diana–winter in the writing room, summer in the garden. Perfect!

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    • Yep. Since I started writing, winter has become one of my favorite seasons… along with spring, summer and autumn. Ha. It is a wonderful time to hibernate and write. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Audrey. Happy Writing!


  8. jomz says:

    Creative-time is sacred time, indeed. We work whenever, and wherever we can, even if that is not the most ideal.

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  9. cagedunn says:

    Woo-hoo! Ink-time rolls in like a snow-bearing cloud bank.
    Not that I know what they look like – we just get smoke-clouds … as long as it keeps us inside, inking

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    • I’m so sorry about the smoke clouds, Cage. At least you have something to do while staying inside. We have snow at this moment, but then back to rain, and little pressing until spring. My laptop loves this time of year. Happy Writing.

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