The Monthly Speculative Fiction Prompt has Moved

I loved my 5 months of hosting a Speculative Fiction Prompt. I loved reading and sharing the amazing poems and stories and artwork.

But life got in the way, and though parental caregiving may be smoothing out in the near future, there’s no guarantee that everything won’t fall apart again. In fact, it will. The only question is when.

Carol Forester of Writing and Works contacted me about taking over the monthly prompt, and though I was sad to let it go, I took her up on the offer immediately. I want it to continue. I want to write for it and read everyone’s stories. Thank you, Carol.

September’s prompt is up!  I can’t wait to see the responses.

Here’s the link: September’s Speculative Fiction Prompt.

(I’m heading north again for the week, so I closed comments here. But I’ll be reading. Happy Writing!)


4 thoughts on “The Monthly Speculative Fiction Prompt has Moved

  1. […] personally have been participating in is the monthly speculative fiction originally on the blog of Diana Wallace Peach but due to commitments the baton has now passed over to Carol J. […]

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  2. […] Note:  Due to family related issues, D. Wallace at Mythos of the Mirror has handed over the monthly speculative fiction prompt to Carol Forrester at Writing and Works.  […]

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  3. […] has taken over the monthly Speculative Fiction Prompts from Diana Wallace Peach, of Myths of the Mirror, who has an ongoing task of parental caregiving. My thanks to Diana for her support and personal […]


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