Cyborg Your Future! (flash fiction)

We’re coming close to the end of this month’s stories. What happens when cybernetic implants become a fad? Check out Joanne’s story. Happy Reading!

joanne the geek

a6090Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner

Cyborg Your Future!

Lisa kept seeing the ads on her datascreen and animated on the sides of buildings with the slogan: “CYBORG YOUR FUTURE!”. At first she ignored it. It was some (presumably) hot male advertising some new cybernetic technology, but as she was a lesbian the image held no interest for her at all, and so each time she saw it she quickly put it out of her mind. Or so she thought. She kept finding herself thinking about cybernetics. It was, after all, the current fad at the moment. Everyone now seemed to be having body parts removed and replaced with cybernetic implants. She had never seriously thought about doing it herself, until these ads managed to worm their way into her subconscious.

Apparently you could hook up brain interfaces with each other so you could experience what the other person was feeling…

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One thought on “Cyborg Your Future! (flash fiction)

  1. This could very easily be feasible in our near future, as human nature embraces and takes over the abundance of cybernetics, twisting it to the needs (or desires) of the flesh. Thought provoking and well written!


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