Hunger, Part 2 (Fiction, Poem)

Ethan has some powerful writing here. If you missed Part 1, you might take the time to catch up. Here’s the link:
I want to know what happens next! Enjoy.

ethan dale eagar

For the monthly writing prompt that Diana Wallace Peach provided, this is my inspired prose and poetry based from this image:

When I started writing for this prompt, I found myself continuing one of my other short stories, which I wrote for an earlier prompt. I decided to go with it, so here is the second part of Hunger.

>1,000 words. Contains some language, violence and horror.


It is curious how, in the long run, eventually everything tries to balance out. As if something, or someone, is keeping score as we go along. And they are hell-bent on tipping their colossal scale back into equilibrium.

For years, decades even, I hardly noticed time. Letting it pass with indifference. Roaming the wastelands and broken cities, freely oblivious to its passage as I focused on my own quest for isolation.

The world aged; I flourished, with an ever-increasing pool of apathy…

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2 thoughts on “Hunger, Part 2 (Fiction, Poem)

  1. Thank you very much for the prompt! 🙂 These are always so fun!

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