Cyber Man

Brad has taken up the challenge again! I’m so honored. I hope you enjoy his story. 🙂

writing to freedom

Cyber Man

Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner


Thanks to Diana at Myths of the Mirror, I was inspired to write another short story. Generally, I don’t like writing challenges and prompts. They feel forced and gimmicky to get blog traffic. But somehow, Diana’s creative choice of images, month-long time frame, and gentle offer inspire me to dig deep and write something new and fresh. And for me, short stories are a whole new realm that I only started recently with one of Diana’s prompts.

If you choose to play along, the idea is to write anything you want based on the image Diana picks. You can write poetry, short stories, real life, or whatever you want. Here are the details for her May Speculative Fiction Prompt. Happy writing!


The download complete, he opened his newly enhanced eyes, seeing a world not quite right. Sparks of light flashing…

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9 thoughts on “Cyber Man

  1. What a great story, Brad. This is the army’s prefect solution for future soldiers!

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