Body Sculpture

Our actual past leads to a creepier and creepier future in Len’s story. Enjoy!

This is a speculative fiction prompt by D. Wallace Peach-Myths of the Mirror

I graduated, in the Spring of 2075, with a degree in bio engineering, specializing in body sculpture. Six long years of study, without a break, at a cost of $1.2 million. It was worth it. I was excited at my future prospects knowing this was a growing field with lots of money to be made.

I have always been interested in the way people interact with their bodies. Most of us have a particular self image, usually different from the body we were born with. We are never satisfied with ourselves.

Before the 20th century our body image was shaped around tribal customs, rituals and acceptable modes of appearance. Erasable body paint progressed to permanent body tattoos and migrated to body piercing. The body was moulded into acceptable forms of beauty by sometimes harsh and painful…

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8 thoughts on “Body Sculpture

  1. Jen, this sounds like a perfect business plan to serve the top 3% individuals of the world. They can pay more than 10 million dollars for a super body.

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  2. The lifestyles of the rich and famous, oh how they keep us entertained 🙂 What is chilling is how easy humanity could take this road. Delicious read!

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  3. mylilplace says:

    I am always up for Len’s story and imagination. 🙂

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