#writeprompt: Trina and The Android at Saks

A magical story from Robert. He draws on characters from previous prompts to create this touching story. Enjoy.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Trina first saw the android in the window of Saks Fifth Avenue.

It had golden gears, and a golden brown skin that sold separately.

Trina pulled out her bench and sat with her dolly, Madison.

‘He looks like Father?’ Trina said.

‘Your Father was shinier,’ replied Madison.

“Father twinkled like the moon on a windswept beach.”

Madison cringed and wrinkled her nose.

Trina continued: “Father was on a plane to Hawaii when the hurricanes struck. He went down like a meteor over Cher in Nantucket: poor father.”

“Why Cher in Nantucket?”

“She has the right syllables.”

Trina stood and moved the bench closer to the window.

‘The bot is browner than Father, but I rather like it.”

“Your Father didn’t have abs like that!”

Trina sat Madison on her lap. “How would you, know!”

Madison giggled, “That day you left me in the bathroom; I watched
your Father take a…

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31 thoughts on “#writeprompt: Trina and The Android at Saks

  1. I love this story, Rob. Saks Fifth Avenue added a great dimension to the story. I’m so glad to see Trina and the shadow boy!

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  2. Magical indeed, Diana. I loved Rob’s story. He really drew me into Trina, and the doll, and even the shadow boy. Plus the image he made of Trina was gorgeous.
    Kudos, Rob. I didn’t think you (or anyone) could top the Anjana story from the other prompt — but you did!

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  3. rijanjks says:

    Such clever use of the prompt and previous ones as well!

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  4. It is truly wonderful how the prior prompts were woven in…delightful read! Thank you! 🙂

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  5. Thank you for the prompt and the reblog, Diana.

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  6. Resa says:

    I’ll head over to Rob’s blog after I catch up here a tad. I seem to have fallen off of follows, so when I visit someone, I have too refollow. Must be a WP thing!!

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  7. Love the direction Rob took with this prompt ❤

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  8. I flat out love this! 🙂

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  9. thebookofjess7504 says:

    Great post!

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  10. michnavs says:

    Been away for a while and happy to read these posts again Diana..

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