The Future Man

A story from the dark netizen that seems all too applicable to today. Enjoy!

The Dark Netizen

He was the next step in evolution.

Designed by the smartest minds in the world, he was the prototype for the new human. Flesh was married to machine, and The Future Man was born. Created to be perfect in every way, all human shortfalls were covered up by the machine part. The cybernetic enhancements made him stronger, smarter, faster, in short better than his fellow men. A.D.A.M. was perfection incarnate.

Or so he was supposed to be. In some time, his human personality began overpowering his logical machine side. Narcissism set in, giving rise to a superiority complex. Unchecked, it gradually grew into a hatred for the weak human race. A.D.A.M. had to be put down. The programme was shelved. The scientists had been drastically wrong at their calculations.

Humans were not ready to evolve…

Word Count: 135


May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt

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30 thoughts on “The Future Man

  1. I love this story and wouldn’t it be wonderful that a human body with no short coming and no weakness. It could happen, I think!

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  2. I likw this one very much. It was so perfect for the image.

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  3. Lyn Horner says:

    Robo Cop is coming! Scary.

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  4. jenanita01 says:

    Unusual twist, fascinating story…

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  5. An interesting peek at what may be coming for us. Will we learn the wisdom to use our technology wisely?

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  6. It could be futuristic but I kind of think that is the future. We will be that man (and woman). Good story.

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  7. Wonderful, a great take on this prompt.

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  8. mylilplace says:

    Love this! No amount of technology can make up for our shortcomings…

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  9. I think this could really be our future!

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    • I do too, Noelle. And the question is can we handle it? Will humans use our enhancements for a better life or for ruthless destruction? Thanks so much for the visit. Happy Writing!


  10. charlypriest says:

    This was interesting, normally these stories start by machines taking over humans. You reversed it, I thought that was clever. The message was also clever. Nice read.

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