A review of Nabatea that almost made me cry

Andrea blogged my review of Book 3 in her Innerscape Series. She’s one of my favorite sci-fi authors. This series is worth checking out for sure. (I’m still in the midst of moving my parents, so I’ve closed comments once again. Two more weeks and all will be back to normal. 🙂 )

Meeka's Mind

Forgive me if I reproduce this review in its entirety, but as a pantster, it’s validation of a sort I never expected to get: 

Oooh, I loved this series, and now that it’s over, I’m suffering from a book hangover.

Nabatea is the final book in the Innerscape series. Book 1 primarily introduces the main character Miira Tahn and guides the reader through her entrance into the virtual world of Innerscape. During Book 2, sabotage, scheming, and political intrigue results in multiple victims including two people close to Miira. In Book 3, the search for truth commences and resolves amidst a cover-up that threatens Miira’s life.

The plot takes off quickly when Miira is confronted with disturbing information about the murders, and her prying questions raise alarms among those who want to hide the truth. A plot to silence her brings in two dedicated investigators who start gathering clues and…

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