The Shadow Symphony – #writingprompt

pixabay image by Natan Vance

A fascinating alien perspective from Kelvin of Kelvin M. Knight. I hope you enjoy the story.

The Shadow Symphony

by Kelvin Knight

She came from the emptiness of space. Darkness and silence were her eternity. She visited here out of curiosity; never had she perceived anything as unique as this planet in all the galaxies she’d drifted through.

They came from their sparkling cities. Light and noise were their bodies, generosity and hostility their lifeblood. Without one word of welcome or warning, they lashed out with their tendrils of light.

She writhed. She glistened. She consumed that light then spat globules of greyness back at them. They whirled, they dimmed, then more of them swarmed from their scintillating cities. Uncountable beings whose white faces brightened while their black eyes bulged until it seemed their heads might explode. When the deepness of their eyes touched the surface of her, she felt something explode inside them. The light they emitted as they faded was like nothing she’d ever experienced.


This concept was new to her…

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