He is The One – A Matrix Story – #writingprompt

pixabay image by Natan Vance

The last of the prompt responses. Virinchi of Virinchi Speaks gives us a fan fiction snippet. I hope you enjoy his take on the prompt.

He is The One – A Matrix Story

by Virinchi

“Remember, Neo. The more silence you maintain during this mission, that much less violence there will be. We do not want to attract any attention”. “Relax, Morpheus. I will be in and out before anyone realizes”, said Neo. “It is not going to be that easy”, Trinity interrupted. “You gained too much attention after you destroyed Smith. There are many agents who are dying to get to you. So, be as discreet as possible”. With a little nod, Neo sat in his chair and leaned back. “Link, are you ready?”, Morpheus shouted. “Yes, boss”, Link replied. Morpheus pushed the connector into Neo’s head.

Everything went blank.

He was standing in the corner of a street of Mega City when Neo opened his eyes. The city had still not recovered from the sand storm that hit it two days back. The area looked completely deserted. He checked his watch. 10 AM. “You are genius, Morpheus”, he murmured as he started to walk. He took the phone out of his pocket. “Link. Where to go?”, he asked. “Spark Technologies. Two blocks to the South”, Link responded. “I don’t have a compass, Link. You have to tell me which way is South”, Neo said. “Turn back and keep walking”, said Link. Morpheus and Trinity chuckled…

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