Night Runner – #writingprompt

pixabay image by Natan Vance

A story with a great voice and a fun twist from Lynn Kim of Trapped Symphony. Enjoy!

Night Runner

by Lynn Kim

You didn’t need a Buzz Feed questionnaire to know that Stella was bad company.

Let me ask you a very simple question, who walks around at two am in a ghost town that looks like a remake of a scene from Night of the living dead?

No need to guess, I’ll tell you, cheating spouses, that’s who.

Which I certainly wouldn’t be if l had never met Stella in the first place cause let’s be honest if it weren’t for her, one:

I would never have known how to roll up a joint, which got me high enough to have the courage to walk out while my husband was watching a football match between nobody knows and nobody cares.

And two:

I would never have met Jared if Stella hadn’t introduced me to him in the first place and encouraged me to go out with him knowing full well that I was married.

Her theory was, what Patrick (my husband) didn’t know wouldn’t kill him. Well it’ll certainly be the death of me. Walking out that late at night in the city couldn’t have been safe. I knew watching all those horror movies would come to bite me in the ass one day…

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