The Chosen #writingprompt

pixabay image by Natan Vance

Dawn’s blog is private so her whole story in response to the March prompt is shared here. I hope you enjoy.

The Chosen

By Dawn 

Today is a special day.

There have been signs for months, though most didn’t hear them, too busy in their daily pursuit of always more.

The bright moon shines her pale white light, but it is dark. Some… thing is blocking her light.

What is it? I’m not sure. If I believe the voices I’ve been hearing, it’s a vessel coming from far away.

It looks like I’m meant to be the recipient of their attempts at communication. My mind feels like a transistor tuning in, weird whistles and crackling fill my head until, finally, I can hear them clearly.

Their voices are a bit robotic, not at all melodic. It’s probably because of the machine they use to communicate. Their language would be too different for me to understand.

The hum of their spaceship is growing louder. Everyone has disappeared into their homes, lights out, as if a curfew had been put into place. No one is prepared to fight off an attack, too afraid to show themselves.

But the voices keep talking to me, coming in clearer now. “The Full Moon is as big as it’s ever been. The day of reckoning has finally arrived. Come to us, little Earthling, we’re trying to save one pair of each species that lives on this planet, before the big flood swallows all living creatures.”

You see, it’s been a while we’ve been warned about this. Two thousand five hundred years ago already, the message was passed onto our ancestors, who wrote it into their Holy Book. A warning that humans had behaved so poorly there would be a big flood, with only a select few being saved, those who had been good and believed the heeding.

Humankind thought it was in the past, a story told to make sense of the world, a legend. But it was really a prophecy. I now understood what the voices meant: Time is eternal, there is no beginning and no end.

Humans kept using and abusing their Eden, greed separating them. They showed no care towards other creatures, human, animal or vegetal. They wanted more, and more still, without realising how climbing higher, taller, stronger, faster than their neighbour, was exactly what all the so-called prophets had tried to warn them about.

The prophets, those wise men and women who wanted to share their universal knowledge, had actually been allies coming from outer space. Their goal was to remind humans we could all live in peace, together, if everyone made sure to keep the balance.

But instead of remembering the message, humans fought about whose prophet was the One and Only. And since they couldn’t agree on that, they then fought to show the world who would become the most powerful, the richest, in an attempt to prove how much more important their God was.

Then, slowly, humans forgot, gain became their only incentive. The environment started to suffer from their deadly race to the summit. New age prophets, scientists, tried to warn again, but the greedy men in power didn’t want to hear reason.

And here we are today. Friendly aliens trying to save all living species before all beings disappear.

With a heavy heart, I amble the deserted streets, walking towards the mothership. I know now that I was chosen to survive and repopulate the planet, once Mother nature has regained her rights, and the environment found a new sort of stability.

And as I walk faster and faster towards my saviours, it all starts to make sense. Is it my mind racing, my own thoughts fitting into place like pieces of a complicated puzzle, or is it the saviours’ voices? It’s too hard to tell any more.

But the answer is simple: who could better adapt to the new life awaiting, than this lone kid sleeping on the rough, abandoned at birth? I’ve had nowhere to hide, no home to call my own.

All these people hiding in their darkened appartments, unsure what this lunar eclipse means… they don’t have what it takes to survive new beginnings.

I, on the other hand, have had to adapt to all sorts of circumstances since I was but a boy. This was the only way to survive then, and it is now a most welcome skill.

The Loner, the invisible child no one looked at, let alone fed or helped, has become the Chosen one.